Petition: Employ the Electoral College to avoid a Donald Trump presidency, as was intended by the founders

November 10, 2016

This is what the electoral college was put in place to do. It was always intended to protect us from ourselves. The founders understood that the greatest risk to democracy was that “we the people” would vote against having a democracy.

If the electoral college refuses to do their jobs, “You’re fired!”

My Nightmare: What if it’s true that no one respects women more than Trump?

October 21, 2016

At the last debate, Donal Trump again reiterated that no one has more respect for women than he does. That got me thinking, unfortunately.

If all men had the same level of respect for women as Donald J. Drumpf, what kind of a world would we live in? Worse, what if some women had so little self-respect that they voted for someone who cared as little for women as Donald Trump?

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The 2016 Presidential Election Political Compass is out!

February 4, 2016

It’s finally here. Check where your favorite candidate falls on the official political compass. And, please do click through and read the analysis below the chart. It’s quite enlightening.

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Say No to the Gas Tax Holiday!

May 21, 2008

Of the three presidential candidates, only Obama has this one right. Here’s an excellent write up from Newsweek about the issue. This may be the best of the links here regarding the issue.

Political Pandering

My personal favorite paragraph from the article above is this one, though the bullet points are the real convincing part:

I could highlight a long debate among economists on suspending the gas tax, but there is no debate. Not one respectable economist—and not one environmentalist or foreign policy expert—supports the idea, unless they are official members of the Clinton or McCain campaigns (and even some of them privately oppose it). To relieve suffering at the pump, send another rebate check or provide tax credits or something else, but not this.

Please click this link to a petition site to say no the the gas tax holiday. We must try hard not to get stuck with this horrifically bad idea. There are more links to other great articles below in case you are not convinced by a single source. Read the rest of this entry »

McCain: A Climate Disaster

May 15, 2008

First read this article from the New York Times, McCain Differs With Bush on Climate Change. One thing is clear from this article, all of the remaining candidates want to reduce carbon emissions.

However, what is not clear from this is the magnitude of their differences on the point. Take the following paragraph that I believe to be very poorly written on the part of an otherwise fairly good news source.

In his speech, Mr. McCain advocated cutting emissions 60 percent below 1990 levels by the year 2050; Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama propose cutting them by 80 percent in the same time frame while the Lieberman-Warner bills calls for a 70 percent reduction. Scientists say reductions of that magnitude are needed to slow and then reverse production of the gases, chiefly carbon dioxide, which are heating the atmosphere and causing long-term climate changes.

This last sentence is patently false. Scientists say that a reduction of emissions to 80% below 1990 levels is required to avert catastrophic warming and to avoid a tipping point. The planet will not negotiate on politics. So, let’s see just how different are 60%, 70%, and 80% reductions?

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Let the Voters Decide

February 14, 2008

Check this out on Democracy for America’s site. For those who were not aware, the Democrap candidate will likely be decided without much input from the voters. If this bugs you more than a tad, you may want to sign the petition.

Let the Voters Decide

I think the whole idea of super delegates is pretty damn disgusting. In case you think you can be less concerned because you’re a registered Repugnican rather than Democrap, check out this wikipedia page that hints at equal problems in the Repug camp and suggests a complete page. In fact, if you know enough about the way the other camp works, you may want to help wikipedia out on the subject.

Ignore the Hype; Vote the Issues; Find Your Candidate

October 5, 2007

Let’s try something really new this next presidential election. Let’s ignore the media hype and vote for the candidate that best represents each of our own values. Do you think you already know who that is? Are you sure? You may be surprised. Try the candidate calculator.

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