Robots, not immigrants, are taking American jobs

From the article:

On some not-too-distant day, it will become clear that our civilization has become so reliant on highly efficient, wondrously intelligent machinery that we simply do not need that many people to work in traditional jobs. There will be plenty of wealth to go around, but not that much work. Unless we want millions to starve or go homeless or riot in the streets, our society will need to guarantee a minimum income for everyone by letting all citizens share in the vast wealth created by robot labor.

Robots, not immigrants, are taking American jobs

3 Responses to Robots, not immigrants, are taking American jobs

  1. ECA says:

    It has been/was told long ago what was/is happening.. But at that TIME there were MANY other jobs..Unless you really like farms.
    Eli Whitney WASNT the beginning, but his device took away MANY jobs.. Insted of a couple hundred Men working the fields it went down to about 10 and Allot of Mules..
    The CORP/SLAVE mentality is the same..Work until you die, then DIE quickly.. And most of religion is based on domestication/control/and creating a MELLOW beast to do the job..Which is one reason it has changed from a militant, ready to RAID anyone, to SIT, STAY, Be nice, you dont need weapons..

    Awhile ago, the Gov. said IN COURT..that the fundamental reason for Corporations was ONLY to make money for those invested in that corp. NOT to improve our lives or our nation..

    There is a BIG problem with Robots and automation..and comes down to What do you do with all the people with NO JOBS..
    TRYING to create a Nation where people DONT WORK, is not good, NOT possible, and WONT help us..
    Humans are NATURALLY Curious and EASY to bring to BOREDOM.. Iv taught my friends 2 comments.. Everyone is an Idiot and an Ahole.. Then..TO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS..
    when people get BORED they get STUPID..and do stupid things..ANYTHING..from Drugs, to Jumping a RAILROAD train..

    • Regarding farms, I can’t imagine that the software to drive a combine around a farm would be much different than the software for a Roomba. It’s just a much larger device. And, a regular pattern would probably work better. So, the software might even be simpler.

      Awhile ago, the Gov. said IN COURT..that the fundamental reason for Corporations was ONLY to make money for those invested in that corp. NOT to improve our lives or our nation..

      Yeah. That was actually when Henry Ford wanted to hire more people to improve the lives of U.S. citizens. The shareholders got pissed, sued, and won. The decision was that the job of the corporation was to provide profit to the shareholders, as you say.

      As for what to do with the people, the article is suggesting a guaranteed minimum income for all. This has been suggested before. But, I thought this article did a particularly good job of discussing all of the issues, including those you mention.

      I don’t think all of the issues are answered. Will people be OK without work? Some are. Some aren’t. If you don’t work and are bored, you don’t have enough money. Maybe that minimum income needs to be higher than people expect.

      • ECA says:

        ITS just hard..
        Finding a solution to a solution..
        Using robots to give us MORE free time, MORE time with children, More this that and the other thing..
        BUT, someone created the IDEA that everything has value..and its been forced down our throats..
        So, there are 2 choices..AND the CORPS and land owners WONT LIKE THEM..
        Everything is rent, no bills, Nothing. Those that work?? IF you want to work, you can..IF you can find a job. as we can have computers do Decisions, Insted of CEO’s..

        The other one is Equal in the opposite direction..Everyone GETS MONEY.. but what use is it? If everyone gets ENOUGH to Live and pay bills..What USE is money?

        THERE IS a kinda Solution. Its to do things the HARD WAY..Where it takes PEOPLE to do the job., The Anti pollution ways, the WAYS that dont ruin this nation..

        Iv asked people to suggest to our LAW makers to CLEAN UP THE LAWS..MAKE things that WORK..NOT for those with money, but for everyone..
        For those that dont know:
        Look up paper pulp history, is WHY we use trees rather them Hemp and other materials/..
        Look up the locations of Metal manufacturing, around Niagara falls..and SUPER FUND SITES..
        Look up super fund sites and WHICH state are doing DAIRY production..
        Look up LAWS against taking pictures of Farming/ranching/Dairies…its a terrorist activity..
        Look up when Plastic started and When CLOTHING changed..LESS COTTONS, HEMP, WOOLS.. Look up what happened when Nylon children’s Clothes MELTED on children..
        I wont add anymore to this..

        This is JUST hard to decide and WHEN to DO something we loose Work and WORKERS..

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