Petition: Employ the Electoral College to avoid a Donald Trump presidency, as was intended by the founders

This is what the electoral college was put in place to do. It was always intended to protect us from ourselves. The founders understood that the greatest risk to democracy was that “we the people” would vote against having a democracy.

If the electoral college refuses to do their jobs, “You’re fired!”

8 Responses to Petition: Employ the Electoral College to avoid a Donald Trump presidency, as was intended by the founders

  1. Accremonious says:

    Just maybe that approach would precipitate a civil war in the Excited States of North America!
    As a Canadian observer that follows the news closely every day, I had an intuition that there was a hidden silent faction who were going to vote for Trump and it appears that they did! To reverse that Will of The People would trigger more riots and unrest than many of you might foresee!
    The deep and hidden resentment of the Obama regime, particularly with Obama Care is not properly understood! Furthermore, the “slave owner” mentality is alive and well, but deep underground! The number of Americans that try to get free labor with out benefits is very obvious to those Canadians who have trans-bordered freight through out America! It is specifically prohibited for non citizens to work in your warehouse putting goods away on shelves! The treaty which allows professional drivers to deliver freight in each others countries, does not exempt them from the labor laws, and the highway traffic acts which legislate that time spent docked at a customer’s facility as “Rest and Recovery Time” for Interstate Drivers!
    Americans tend to lack the ability to look at themselves critically and see what outsiders see! Plus too many lack the experiences that traveling brings understanding of other points of view! [with the exception of many with military deployment backgrounds]
    Plus the flawed political processes are allowing candidates to rise in the ranks who are less qualified to lead! Neither presidential candidate in this election stands the litmus tests in other countries! Be very careful how you proceed in the coming weeks!

    • I agree it would cause major unrest and possibly civil war (#1 oxymoron of all time). But, in all sincerity and without any intent of snarkiness, do you think the U S Civil War was worth fighting? Are the issues that divide tge U. S. today not the exact same issues? Are we not already experiencing a high level of violence over these issues now?

      Certainly, those who hold disproportional levels of power today will fight to keep that power. When do we fight for what is right?

  2. Accremonious says:

    Not having studied the U.S. Civil War, I can’t make a learned comment, other than War is never Civil!
    One only needs to read your National Anthem to realize that America was born of a war, the Revolutionary War, and has glorified war for a long time! While your neighbors to the North have had to spend much more time keeping warm and fed!
    Many Canadians are from stock that escaped from war torn areas of the World and want no part of fighting! Our current government is losing popularity by sending troops to assist with conflicts in other parts of the World under the guise of Peace Keeping! [Some feel that it is none of our business, and let them kill themselves off alone!]
    That said, one of the research findings about wars is that they often break out by accident, especially after there is a military build up to prevent same!
    Another question that begs answering is: Is any war worth it? And there are some surprising answers!
    -war often gets an economy going, provides jobs, funds infrastructure, creates research projects, builds allies and alliances, among other things!
    -wars have in the past been a partial population controller, just as have epidemics!
    And not to forget that some wars get celebrated long after they were fought by holding re-enactment mock battles! In the case of the US Civil War this is an industry in itself!

    • The civil war was almost exclusively about slavery, contrary to popular opinion today.

      If fighting for freedom and the beginning of equality, starting with freedom, was worth fighting for then, and if the civil rights movement of the 1960s was worth fighting for, then it still is.

      If our country were to break up over this issue, thus granting equal rights to all, including LBGTQ individuals, people of color, women Muslims, Jews, and many others only in the blue states, that would still be better than not having equality in any state.

      While I do not believe that the U.S. has been involved in a single justifiable war in my lifetime, I am not a total pacifist. Some things are worth fighting for.

      • ECA says:

        Much of the Civil war was about TRADE..
        The South was trading CHEAP, because they had slaves, And cotton was being sent to France..(go look at what was happening in France and Britain at the time)
        And the North could not compete with the LOW PRICES to sell cloth.. or much of anything else..
        MOST locations with Slave had BOTH black and WHITE slaves..Being Indentured was part of the TIMES…and you could be a slave for the REST of your life..
        To release the WHITE slaves it was easier to get ALL the slaves away from the south..
        Most locations were NOT BAD to slaves.(I wasnt there, so I cant Justify this) In that THEY WANTED the slaves, NEEDED the SLAVES, and buying NEW slaves….this was the END of shipping many DIED or died SOON after being sold.
        It wasnt Profitable any the EU had given IT UP and was at WAR most of the time..
        And once you had a few slaves, and TOOK CARE OF THEM, you could have MORE easily..

  3. See if this huffpo link works better. Posting from phone and trying not to post the link to the mobile site.

  4. Accremonious says:

    One reason many voted for Trump is the promised tax cuts! That alone is reason to think that his popularity is far wider and deeper than understood by the media! That promise alone might be what got him elected! If implemented as he promised, it means a raise in disposable income for everyone! It is one of the oldest tricks in politics, buy the vote with their own money, literally!

    • ECA says:

      I like it, but it would be COOL if it was a Floating tax based on Employment..
      the MORE people on the bottom, EMPLOYED, the LESS they pay at the the employment rates DROPS…it would Raise at the top..

      The BASIC economy in the USA…
      Dont care if you are Rich or Poor…
      its BUYING POWER..
      100 poor people can/will buy more, pay more bills, then 1 RICH person..

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