The Misanthropic Principle

The fact that I like many individuals and even love a few doesn’t stop me from hating our species as a whole.

Our species has truly earned its place in history. We are the cause of the sixth great extinction on this planet. Like the comet that killed off the non-avian dinosaurs, we are a catastrophe. Quite literally, our evolution has been a catastrophic event on this beautiful insignificant planet we call home.

In fact, the sixth great extinction that we are causing has already achieved a greater percentage species die-off than the one that took out the big dinos 65.3 million years ago. Some are even saying that we have already caused a greater extinction than the Permian/Triassic extinction 250 million years ago, the prior record holder.

It is for this reason as well as for the horrific cruelty we inflict on ourselves and on many other species that I hate our species. Though there is little about humans that is truly unique, the magnitude to which we have taken many of our characteristics has put us in a position of taking a stewardship of the planet. Unfortunately, we show little sign of stepping up to the plate on that. Instead, we continue our wanton destruction of everything and everyone in sight.

On that note … have a nice day.

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