Science in America — Neil deGrasse Tyson

A very powerful video that speaks for itself.

8 Responses to Science in America — Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. ECA says:

    There is another video, about WHERE the WHITE EU scientists LEARNED MORE THEN ANY OTHER PLACE..
    The middle east. from our number system to about 1/2 of our words and LETTERS..
    In History we have seen what happens when 1 GROUP overwhelms Science for their OWN CONCERNS..(religion sucks).. If it aint in the BIBLE we dont need to know ….PERIOD..
    ANd in CHINA 1 ruler CLOSED its borders and BANNED books back almost 200 years of their history…and FORGOT about gun powder..FORGOT 200 years of advances..and FUTURE LEARNING..And then the WHITE MAN found them, and almost TOOK over their country..

    I will Still contend that for SOME reason PEOPLE get DUMB/STUPID and forget everything..

  2. ECA says:

    it argued that those who had already served time for bogus convictions likely didn’t care whether or not they’d been exonerated post facto.

  3. ed says:

    I find it interesting that when the internet CAME…allot of ideas were put into place..
    1. of them was the ability to VOTE on things..Problem was, HOW everyone wanted something different..Even with MILLIONS of people all supplying IDEAS/THOUGHTS…no one would look and VOTE on anything…(THAT would be a CHORE FROM HELL)..
    AND the site was REALLY never used by the gov..

    LOVE all these people that SAY/THINK, we are all Christians…AND they are called the Major minority.. BUT they are as corrupt as everyone else..

    Its fun to think that BASIC CIV, is not in school anymore…and that WE ARE NOT TAUGHT, that WE the PEOPLE are responsible for OUR COUNTRY..

    AND IF’ we say something and WANT something…WE CAN GET IT..

    EVERYONE RAISE HANDS and pass this around IF’ you think our Politicians and others in Gov. offices SHOULD SHARE in our medical service(shouldnt the EMPLOYERS be gtting BETTER medical then the EMPLOYEE??)..ALL wage increases are to be VOTED ON by those WHO ELECTED THEM(WE HIRE THEM, WE SHOULD be the ones to PAY THEM)…AND those receiving Monies from others sources that interact with THEIR OFFICE will LOWER the wages they get, for every DOLLAR EARNED they loose $5 of wages..(its considered WORKING FOR a second person or company)

    I posted on face book.

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