Steve Bannon: Scarier Than My Worst Fears

Yes. We all know he’s a white supremacist. But, I had no idea he was bad enough to publicly express a positive opinion of a known Nazi Supporter.

Stephen Bannon Is a Fan of a French Philosopher…Who Was an Anti-Semite and a Nazi Supporter

7 Responses to Steve Bannon: Scarier Than My Worst Fears

  1. ECA says:

    I generally TRY to be balanced and fair..
    but its mostly what I see…and read.

    I have always WONDERED, why the USA favors a few countries..
    Turkey and Israel..
    We have Help create, Backed, supported, Supplied, Gave TONS of money to, this country for YEARS..
    We have help turkey ALLOT less, but we do help them..
    And it cant Be, JUST because they are in the AREA of the middle east and can be a GREAt location to monitor what is going on..

    WE HELPED STEAL that land, in a WAR before WWII..

    • Favoring Israel is sort of strategic for the U.S. They’re the one ally we have in the region who is almost democratic and has always been reliable. We tried being allies with Iraq. Remember when Reagan and Papa Bush were shaking hands with Sodamn Insane?

      Now we’re friends with Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive regimes in modern history.

      The region has oil. So we pay attention to them. Bosnia? Remember Bosnia? Yeah, we didn’t give a shit what happened there for the longest time. No oil.

      Israel does receive (last I checked) more foreign aid from the U.S. than any other country. Know who comes in second?

      Venezuela. Oh yeah. They have oil. Does it matter if we spent a metric fuckton o cash propping up Hugo Chavez, not on the list of the most humanitarian human beings in the world? Nah. They’ve got oil. And we want it.

      I think Turkey is seen as a relatively moderate Islamic state that we can deal with. They’re useful strategically when we need a place from which to launch air strikes in the Middle East.

      That’s just my take, largely from memory.

      It’s not a subject on which I consider myself any kind of expert. So, I won’t be surprised to hear that some of my information may be incorrect or outdated or both.

  2. ECA says:

    and Venezuela the country KICKED out the Corps..
    So dis brazil I think..
    They got tired of the pollution. Mistakes, AND Corps thinking they OWNED them..

    Which is funny, considering the TRADE AGREEMENTS that give Corps Cate blanch..

    The most interesting thing I see recent, is that the gov. over many years has CUT jobs in all the agencies..the 3 agencies for Food, FDA, and 2 others, that are Supposed to be checking All processing and Restaurants, can only monitor 8% per year..THEN expect the corps to use a 3rd party and send it reports.. dont even look at newspapers for food poisoning.

    But Where has all the money gone? DHS has 1/4 million employees, and is above almost ALL other agencies..
    Our Military keeps picking FIGHTS every 10-15 years to PROVE their weapons..
    (look this up) as a Military has Shot down a 200-300 dollar Drone, with a 3 million dollar Missile..I want to know if the TARGET was a $300 drone has a range LESS than 1 mile from the operator..

  3. Accremonious says:

    Just to add to the list, Afghanistan, has undeveloped Rare Earth mineral ore deposits of those Elements used to make permanent magnets!
    Now add Egypt to the list! The Italian Oil company Eni has discovered a huge Nat. Gas deposit under the Mediterranean in Egyptian waters! That will change the economics of that area!
    Petro-economics are a fact of life in this World!

  4. ECA says:

    wow, MORE PEOPLE

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