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What follows is a list of major trips my wife and I have taken over the years. In general, the more recent the trip, the better my photographic skills were at the time. I hope to write up a description of each of these trips, if my time allows. However, since I have no idea which ones will be of interest to the most people, I thought I’d list the trips and write up descriptions in the order in which they are requested.

I have listed each of the trips for which we have already completed our photo album in reverse order. I will also attempt to rate the photo quality for each of the trips. Please note that the photo ratings are only relative to my own photographic ability. Therefore, a rating of a 10 does NOT mean that I think my photos are the equal of Franz Lanting or other professional photographers.

As the posts are filled in, I will link from this list to each of the posts. Please comment on this page if you have a particular trip you’d like to hear about. Feel free to ask specific questions to be answered in the post.

Most recent updates:

10/31/2007 – India write-up added.
10/9/2007 Tanzania write-up added.
10/7/2007 New Zealand write-up added.
9/24/2007 Peru write-up added.
9/22/2007 Antarctica write-up added.

Location: Belize
Dates: 12/25/2006 – 1/8/2007
Camera: EOS 20D, Canon EF100-400IS L, EFS17-85IS
Highlights: Monkeys, Snakes, Anteaters, Birds, Highest waterfall in Central America, Caracol
Photo rating: 9

Location: Black and White Bears of Manitoba, Canada (Riding Mountain and Churchill, photos done, write-up not)
Dates: 9/3-7/2005 11/3-10/2005
Camera: EOS 20D, Canon EF100-400IS L, EFS17-85IS
Highlights: Polar Bears, Nursing Black Bear Cubs, Beaver, Arctic Hare, Bison
Photo rating: 10

Location: India
Dates: 2/4-26/2005
Camera: EOS 20D, Canon EF100-400IS L, EFS17-85IS
Highlights: Tigers, Indian Wild Dog (Dhole), Jungle Cat, Indian Elephants, Monkeys (grey langur, rhesus macacque, Fruit Bats, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Bluebuck, Peacock, Taj Mahal, kites, Khajuraho, Kingfisher eating mouse
Photo rating: 9

Location: Tanzania
Dates: 8/26-9/19/2004
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Canon EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Cheetah, Migration, agama lizard, Twin Vervet
monkeys, Lion Cubs, Chimps!, Elephant Close-ups, hyrax, Dik Dik, Bushbaby, Giraffe, Leopard, Wild Dog!
Photo rating: 10

Location: Brazil
Dates: 5/21-6/6/2004
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Monkeys (including muriqui and marmosets), Butterflies, Spiders, Maned Wolf, Hyacinth Macaw, Harpy Eagle, Jabiru, Capybara, Frogs, Giant River Otter, Caiman, Giant Anteater
Photo rating: 9

Location: Rwanda
Dates: 8/29-9/13/2003
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Canon EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Mountian Gorillias!! Monkeys (esp. golden)
Photo rating: 9

Location: Costa Rica
Dates: 4/18-30/2003
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Canon EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Jesus Lizards, 4 eyed opossum, anteater, bats, birds, spiders, monkeys, red eyed tree frog, quetzal, hummingbirds, leatherback sea turtle, otter
Photo rating: 7

Location: Botswana with Cape Town
Dates: 11/29-12/14/2002
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Canon EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Hyrax, S. African Penguin (jackass), Lions on the
hunt, Ostrich, Baboon, Dung Beetle, Leopard (& cub!), White Rhino, Solar Eclipse, African Wildcat, Hyena with cub!, Serval
Photo rating: 10

Location: Peru
Dates: 9/2002
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Canon EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Monkeys, Pink River Dolphin, Hoatzin, Zip Lines, Pecaries, Tapirs, sloth, cock of the rock, many more birds, frogs, bats, tarantula, parrots, macaws, screamers, Humboldt Penguin, Inca Tern
Photo rating: 8

Location: Canadian Arctic (Baffin Island)
Dates: 6/2002
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Canon EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Narwhal, Fata Morgana (arctic mirage), Murrs, Long Tailed Duck (Oldsquaw), King Eider, Kitiwake, Northern Fulmar, Lemming
Photo rating: 6

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Dates: 9/1-16/2001
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Canon EF100-400IS L, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Grizzly and Black Bears, Killer Whales
Photo rating: 8

Location: Canadian Arctic (Whitefish Lake and Bathurst Inlet)
Dates: 7/2001
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Tamron 200-400, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Wolves, Caribou, Muskoxen, Sik Sik, Fox Kits, Grebes, Arctic Birds and Flowers, Distant Wolverine
Photo rating: 7

Location: Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica
Dates: 12/2000-1/2001
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Tamron 200-400, Tamron 28-300
Highlights: Penguins (7 species), Pelagic Birds in Flight,
Albatrosses (esp. Wanderers and Black Brows), Striated Caracara, Seals (4 species), Cormorants
Photo rating: 10

Location: New Zealand and Fiji
Dates: 12/1999-1/2000
Camera: EOS 3 and A2E, Tamron 200-400, Tamron 28-200
Highlights: Sperm Whales, Little Blue and Yellow Eyed Penguins, Royal Albatros, Mollymawks, Dolphin (bottlenosed and dusky), Kea, underwater shots from Fiji
Photo rating: 6

Location: Botswana
Dates: 8/1998
Camera: EOS A2E, Tamron 200-400, Tamron 28-200, Minolta Underwater 35/50mm
Highlights: Okavango, Lions, Elephants
Photo rating: 7

Location: Ecuador (Amazon and Galapagos)
Dates: 6/1997
Camera: Fuji Discovery Point and Shoot 28-120mm and Minolta Underwater 35/50mm
Highlights: Marine Iguana, Seals, Boobies
Photo rating: 5

Location: Alaska
Dates: 7/1996
Camera: Fuji Discovery Point and Shoot 28-120mm
Highlights: Glaciers, Humpack Whales
Photo rating: 4

10 Responses to Vote – Next Travel Log

  1. BubbaRay says:

    Darn, Scott, you must be one wealthy guy. I’ve flown my aircraft all over the continental US but have never traveled outside except for Mexico.

    Your camera equipment is impressive — the EOS2D is a great machine. My daughter uses a very high-end Nikon, has too many lenses and does a pretty good job (well she had (cough) a good teacher (/cough).

    Maybe you’ve seen some of the great astrophotos on Cage Match —,2280.msg8085.html#msg8085

    Have you ever considered one of these cool backpack refractors for wildlife study/photography? I find this company to have excellent equipment and superior service. You might have interest in this one–
    They have a large range of great photographic scopes.

    My vote (although dangerous) — active volcanoes in Hawaii along with the cool wildlife on the islands.

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:

    Hi BubbaRay,

    Nice bang for the buck on that scope!! Unfortunately Phred, my backpack, is already too heavy and quite full. I doubt I’ll be adding a scope anytime soon.

    I had been hoping that people would pick which of the trips I’ve listed here for me to write up. I have been to Hawaii and seen the lava flowing. However, I saw no native wildlife and had just a fixed focal length 35mm point and shoot at the time. The photos would not be worth posting. Nor would any write-up I could give be much value to a wildlife enthusiast as I was not one yet in 1995.

    Being DINKs helps a lot with finances. Just imagine if all of the money you spent on your daughter went to travel instead.

    For future posts on this thread, please limit the choice for the next travel write-up to one of the ones listed above. I may also choose to throw in the odd local destination for the Northeast U.S. once in a while. But, for requests, the above list is pretty much it.

  3. BubbaRay says:

    OK, if I’m limited to the list, then there’s no question — it’s gotta be Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica. While there, do me a big favor, put that EOS on a sturdy tripod with ISO 400 film, a wide angle lens, aim carefully at the southern celestial pole and take 6 photos with the shutter open for 5, 10 ,15 etc. mins. up to 1/2 hour. I’ll bet the photos turn out spectacular.

    Don’t freeze, and have fun!

  4. Misanthropic Scott says:

    Ah BubbaRay, I think I see the misunderstanding now. Look at this list more carefully. Look at the dates. These aren’t my travel plans. These are where I’ve already been. I’ll take that request though and get to that write-up next chance I get.

  5. Higghawker says:


    Pink River Dolphin?

  6. Misanthropic Scott says:

    Peru, Pink River Dolphins, yes. They were really hard to photograph. I did manage to get one image with a face in it. I’ll make sure to scan that when I get around to writing up Peru. I’ve got BubbaRay’s Antarctica request to get to first though. I’ll do Peru after that.

  7. BubbaRay says:

    Scott, I’ve got to vote for New Zealand and Fiji. I’ve always wanted to go just to see different game — the southern sky. Perhaps you could include the write-up too.

  8. BubbaRay says:

    Next stop — India!!

  9. BubbaRay says:

    Next stop, Belize. Central America is a wonderful place to explore, as is Mexico. I would like to travel to the interior to see some of the mystifying ruins.

    I’d really like to see picture of the Caracol.

  10. bobbo says:

    I was on a farm on South Island of New Zealand. At night, you could go outside a read a book by starlight alone. Thats what I remember–actually seeing the backbone of the milky way. I had that oceanic feeling of one-ness with the universe. Maybe the moon was out too, but my memory is that it was only stars.

    Just flat gorgeous and worth the trip alone. Never seen the sky like that anywhere else on earth.—including observatories in Hawaii and such. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention?

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