Thick Skin Etiquette

I enjoy a heated debate. It is possible, even hopeful to me, that some of my topics spark such a debate. I would request that people try to maintain a relatively civil attitude. When that is not possible, please prefer statements worded in the form “you sound like an asshole when you say that” rather than “you are an asshole for saying that.” The difference is subtle. However, the latter is name calling; the former is not.

That said, someone will likely be offensive in a heated debate. It might be me. Or, it might be me who is offended. Let’s all try to be a bit thick-skinned in such instances to allow for the fun of the heated debate to continue.

Further, I would prefer it if we did not follow Rich Rosen’s Rules Of Net Debating (from 1984) despite the great humor of this old post and the truth with which it still rings on many blogs today. Of course, if someone else begins in this vein, I’m as likely as anyone to keep up my own end. 🙂

And, remember, Godwin’s Law applies. I may choose to invoke it. I will decide on a case by case basis.

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