My Nightmare: What if it’s true that no one respects women more than Trump?

At the last debate, Donal Trump again reiterated that no one has more respect for women than he does. That got me thinking, unfortunately.

If all men had the same level of respect for women as Donald J. Drumpf, what kind of a world would we live in? Worse, what if some women had so little self-respect that they voted for someone who cared as little for women as Donald Trump?

In such a world, we might have an entire culture of rape. Women would be blamed for the violence of men. Men would routinely blame the victim and get away with such violent crime.

In such a world, women would not have control over their own bodies and reproduction. Where laws could not be changed to prevent abortion, clinics would be forced via threats and violence to close. Even where women were legally allowed to have an abortion, clinics would be so far away as to make it impractical for many women, especially women with less money.

In such a world, women would be punished for having an abortion. In some cases, a woman might even be jailed for having a miscarriage if someone checked her browser history and found that she had considered or merely just searched for information about the option of having an abortion.

In such a world, even certain medical prescriptions for women would become controversial for some bizarre reason. People in this world would actually see a reason to oppose insurance coverage for women’s birth control while still supporting insurance coverage for men’s boner pills.

In such a world, women would receive lower pay for doing the same job just because they lacked a penis. Seriously.

Please help me wake up from this nightmare on November 8th.


And, even if you don’t like either candidate, please remember that we vote for a lesser evil because it is less evil. There are only two candidates with a chance to win this election. If you do not vote for Hillary Clinton, you are voting for this nightmare to continue and worsen.

There are numerous other reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton or at least to vote against Donald Trump. But, watching the last debate and hearing Trump again assert that no one respects women more than he does, it occurred to me that he might be right, and not in a good way. Even thought many of us do, in fact, respect women more than the Donald, we as a society seem to have no more respect for women than the Donald.

On November 8th, let’s take a first little baby step toward changing that.

That women’s rights are human rights should be obvious from the fact that women are human beings.

6 Responses to My Nightmare: What if it’s true that no one respects women more than Trump?

  1. J R McGillawee says:

    Donald Chump has more ego than money and more money than brains! I do not have a vote, being Canadian, but have little doubt from my position North of Lake Ontario that the sanity of the American people will emerge on Nov. 8!
    What is troublesome for us deeper thinkers is why have both mainstream parties opted for less than prime candidates for the election of the top position in the free World? Both Bernie Sanders and Gov. Chris Christie would be by far better choices!
    But have faith in history being self correcting! This nightmare will give way to some sort of a saner situation, but hopefully not by making either of these fools into a martyr via assassination!
    We the People in both our countries are not the smartest residents of this Third Rock from the Sun! But Homo stupidus will muddle on!

    • Totally agreed on #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.

      But, you make it sound as if the parties here can do whatever they want. They somewhat can. But, they still have primaries and cannot totally ignore the results.

      Bridge Bridgie did incredibly poorly in the primaries, probably just a tad better than the real best Republican candidate, George Pataki (never heard of him? three time governor of New York; good for the environment and the Adirondacks). Bridge Bridgie would indeed be a whole lot better than Drumpf. But, he’d still suck hugely. You should see some of the environmentally catastrophic deals he has made, like this one. Note that I haven’t read that particular article on the subject, but have read others. They just didn’t come up first in my search.

      That said, the “mainstream” Republicans who had votes to back them up were other uber-extremists like your fellow countryman Ted Cruz Missile (born in Calgary) and Marco Rubio.

      Such candidates would differ from Drumpf in mannerisms and megalomania and narcissism, but only slightly. And, they’d implement exactly the same policies. The biggest advantage of those wackos over the big huge wacko would be they’d be a bit safer with the nuclear codes, though still not safe for our troops.

      And now onto Hillary.

      No one in history has been more thoroughly vetted than Hillary. She’s not my first choice. But, the Repugnicans have been wasting millions of tax dollars prosecuting her for at least 25 years (possibly 30) and have never successfully made any charge stick.

      That is huge.

      She is definitely a politician. She definitely lies. But, she lies a bit less than Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. And, all three tell the truth about as often as Drumpf lies, or about 76-78% of the time.

      I would love it if she hadn’t fracked up the world. But, she did.

      I would love it if she didn’t delete emails as so many politicians on both sides of the aisle have done. But, she did.

      But, really, the reason I like Bernie Sanders better is not that his character is any better. It isn’t. They’re both very good by politician character standards, meaning each has only sold 50% of their soul to the Devil.

      But, that’s what being a politician means. Compromise.

      Can you imagine Donald Drumpf compromising on anything? I can’t imagine him doing so much as switching from gold to silver toilet paper to make a really important deal.

      While it’s true that Donald Drumpf has not sold any portion of his soul to the Devil, it is equally true that Donald Drumpf is actually the Devil himself.

      So, I think in one case, the party would have had to override the vast majority of their constituency as Drumpf won by enormous margins and on in the other case, the candidate is as well vetted as any presidential candidate in recent history.

      P.S. My real first choice for this election would have been Elizabeth Warren.

  2. ECA says:

    you are extrapolating to much…
    but it is a good rant.

    Let me say this..

    This is a Dirty trick to NOT show that there are over 1000 people running for president..
    We see these 2 groups conventions over and over, and THINK it has anything to DO with the vote…
    This is 1/3 of this nation having a PARTY…thats ALL.,

    This nation/government LEARNED something during WWII, and it came to a head with the CIA/FBI and a notorious anti Communist show.. And during the PEACE marches and Racial marches of the 60’s..

    They learned HOW to BREAK/CRACK open/Infiltrate/ and FORCE groups to disband.. They do NOT want people to GROUP UP and CHANGE FIX THINGS.. And that Malaise has been passed down the families to the CURRENT people and NOT VOTING or understanding HOW WE CONTROL OUR GOVERNMENT..

    Our gov is a bunch of IDIOTS hiding behind curtains, and throwing TIDBITS out to dissuade us from looking DEEPER into what is happening.. They have Little or NO knowledge in economics, let alone WHY certain LAWS were created in the past…That they eliminate and BAD THINGS HAPPEN..

    I can see, as I have watched WHY certain laws were installed, LIKE pollution laws from the 60’s and 70’s…and why Manufacturing LEFT the USA..the USA could jump in and look into HOW to change the processing to make LESS pollution, insted of NY shipping GARBAGE OUT OF STATE…

    Tons of this CRAP started About 1900’s when corps had to SHOW profits and ways to FOREVER MAKE MONEY..
    HEMP, BAMBOO, and a few other products were BANNED.. So we would need MORE cottons, The invention of PLASTICS for clothing, Wood products, Building materials…
    Corps gained control over this nation when we ALLOWED them to create WARS, and USE the USA military to wage them for CHEAP..

    LOOK THIS UP… the LONGEST war the USA created…
    Look up the ship, the Maine..
    Look up the war on Cuba, and then the banana war..
    the USA was at War for 40 years…upto WWII….

    The World WAR machine learned something…to make MONEY they had to create WAR..
    How much does it take to continuously MAKE GUNS?? weapons, SHIPS, TANKS…
    Did you knw the USA Gov, PAID to have good STORAGE by the companies for 10-20 years…and the corps NEVER even MADE the goods until the war was running..THEN WE PAID TO HAVE THEM MADE AGAIN..

    • I had no idea about the purchases, storage, and re-purchases. Interesting. Do you have an article on that? I’d like to read it.

      As for the war machine and finances, I think Eisenhower gave the best speech about that.

  3. ECA says:

    tHATS GOING TO BE HARD, as it was a few years back..

    George Washington (1789–1797)
    “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”
    —Jan. 8, 1790

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

    “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

    “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

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