“Trumped” Starring Matthew Broderick & Nathan Lane

March 18, 2016

From the too true to be good department.

Let the Voters Decide

February 14, 2008

Check this out on Democracy for America’s site. For those who were not aware, the Democrap candidate will likely be decided without much input from the voters. If this bugs you more than a tad, you may want to sign the petition.

Let the Voters Decide

I think the whole idea of super delegates is pretty damn disgusting. In case you think you can be less concerned because you’re a registered Repugnican rather than Democrap, check out this wikipedia page that hints at equal problems in the Repug camp and suggests a complete page. In fact, if you know enough about the way the other camp works, you may want to help wikipedia out on the subject.

Ignore the Hype; Vote the Issues; Find Your Candidate

October 5, 2007

Let’s try something really new this next presidential election. Let’s ignore the media hype and vote for the candidate that best represents each of our own values. Do you think you already know who that is? Are you sure? You may be surprised. Try the candidate calculator.

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