The 2016 Presidential Election Political Compass is out!

It’s finally here. Check where your favorite candidate falls on the official political compass. And, please do click through and read the analysis below the chart. It’s quite enlightening.

It may be interesting to compare today’s Hillary Clinton with 2008 Hillary Clinton. We all change our opinions over time. But, you might be forgiven for being wrong about which way Hillary has shifted. I know I was wrong about it.

7 Responses to The 2016 Presidential Election Political Compass is out!

  1. Rowdy MacGuff says:

    Santorum only withdrew yesterday! Why is he not shown on this chart?

  2. ECA says:

    Iv done this over many years…and I end up So far left…
    Me and Ghandi tend to be good friends..

  3. ECA says:

    It came to me one day.. I was talking politics with a person, and asked who he liked in running for president… and he mentioned a person running..Then I asked him Who he was voting for and he mentioned 1 of the Dmo/rep candidates, and I asked him why? He said that he didnt think the one he liked would win…The better of 2 evils..he said. And then I knew WHY a better person would not win, and we would bet setup with the Better of 2 evils.. WHY NOT vote for the 3rd party? It will at least give them a chance to win. IF you DONT vote for them, and only vote for the person YOU THINK will win…You may WIN, but is it the RIGHT PERSON for the job?

    • The problem with voting for the 3rd party candidate in our current system is that it is identical to voting for whichever candidate you hate the most. That’s why approval voting is so much better.

      It’s basically a checkbox, yes or no, is this candidate acceptable. And, you get to say yes to as many candidates as you want. So, imagine the 2000 election. You hate W and really like Nader, for example. So, you say yes to Nader. But, you also get to say yes to Gore. So, Gore wins in an even bigger landslide than the one he did win by. And, everyone wins.

  4. ECA says:

    Part of the problem is a backdoor..
    its called shared time, on TV…Each candidate gets an eaual amount of time, IF’ shared time is used..
    THE BIG guys dont use it…they BUY Advert time, and pay double/triple/… for it to exaggerate the prices..
    Since its NOT shared time…no one gets matching time..

    These people do any way they can, to backdoor the system..

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