NPR: Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

I’m glad to see this question becoming more public. Though it seems to still be considered radical. It is one of many factors that went into my (and my wife’s) decision not to have children decades ago.

Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

P.S. I should really correct my statement above. Neither I nor my wife ever really wanted children. But, while we were still of breeding age and before my vasectomy, when we’d hear a wailing infant, we’d make comments like “Reason number 837 not to have kids.” But, we’d also make comments on hearing about overpopulation or some environmental crisis, especially climate change and ocean acidification, like “won’t be our kids dealing with this.” Actually, we still make such comments.

One Response to NPR: Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

  1. ECA says:

    REPEAT of the same BS we have talked about before…
    except its some one else’s opinion..

    1. CHANGE manufacturing practices to something Better..
    2. Clean up what you MESS UP..which would raise prices on EVERYTHING..
    3. CLEAN up your OWN messes…PERIOD, quit shipping your problems SOME PLACE ELSE(NEW YORK)
    4. EVERYONE must understand what needs to be DONE.. Lets not base this on FOOD…lets base it on FRESH WATER..USA, EU, Brits, Many nations have having problems FINDING fresh water..
    5. ALL the crap and garbage we put into fresh water GENERALLY goes into the sea..And then gets distilled and processed, and the CRAP STAYS THERE as Fresh water gets picked up and sent around the fall and PICK UP MORE CRAP..
    6. its Not just the Water process of the world..WE HAVE…jumped into the Aquifers, around the world looking for Fresh water..These are Wells of water that have been there for EONS..we EMPTY them, and dump the water into the rivers and On…WE even try to refill them with Water from THAT HAS NOT gone thru the process’s needed to BE in the Aquifer…FILTERING… So we are Dropping Surface water that MAY have things in it…INTO (WHAT WAS) a closed environment.. and not THINKING we are going to Spoil anything..


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