Baltimore Police Secretly Running Aerial Mass-Surveillance Eye in the Sky

All I can say is Holy Fucking Crap!!! Or, perhaps that should be “double plus ungood!”

Baltimore Police Secretly Running Aerial Mass-Surveillance Eye in the Sky

7 Responses to Baltimore Police Secretly Running Aerial Mass-Surveillance Eye in the Sky

  1. ECA says:

    Link not set correctly..
    1. GOOD BB/PELLET gun
    2. Unless the person CHANGED things, its using Standard freq..WOW, what fun you could have..If you are CLOSER and have STRONGER SIGNAL…you can over ride the controls..Just RUN it out of the police range..Control person MUST be 1/2 mile or closer…
    3.Trick to LAW of not Cutting signals to phones and most wireless devices…BROADCAST in wide band…All channels covered..and that would cause \LOTS of ruckus//

  2. ECA says:

    There is something you may not understand..
    People manipulation..
    Playing both sides and letting the person decide what they will do, but POINT to other things and ways..
    Also, how to keep people Distracted..Divide them..Separate them, Dont let them Group/gather.. when things look good for them, infiltrate and cause problems..
    Random things happening, and watching the people Pick and choose..Control those groups, and you control most everything..
    Its happening everyplace…MANY of the USA corps hold companies around the world, and are instigating things there also..including Bollywood, trying to get them to Copyright everything, and track everyone down..Keep them busy..keep people distracted..

    I tell people to WATCH…look at it..and ask WHY..
    I still think they are trying to bankrupt the cities..To many things are JUST F@#$#@$ stupid..its like we have 2nd graders in charge, NOT people with abit of knowledge..

  3. J R McGillawee says:

    Another approach that works here in Canada, is to cut back the police budgets! They then have to cut staff and toys!!!
    Plus in Ontario the Privacy Act prevents the filming and publishing of persons images without their knowledge and consent!
    From the street it is legal for me to photograph what you have that is visible in your yard or through your windows, but it is illegal to photograph you out in the street without your permission!
    Go figure! [politicians are afraid of cameras!!!]

  4. ECA says:

    But in the USA, you are a FREE target in ALL public places, but NOT on your OWN property, NOT in Non-public buildings(no building is public as they are OWNED by someone) Unless permission is given by the building owner, AND the person recorded..
    IF you are on SOMEONE ELSES property, and they wish to record you, IT MUST BE SAID AND POSTED that you will and can be recorded.. And entering THAT property is giving consent, to be recorded..This is Why Quick marts/7-11/plaid pantry have notices on the windows..IF YOU LOOK..And even SOME BARS..
    SOME states will let VIDEO record happen, BUT audio is RESTRICTED..which is weird..

    And cutting police Budgets, means the PEOPLE on top STILL get more money, and Push the lower groups to HAND OUT TICKETS for more money.. Which gets people upset, and (AT TIMES) get police and people SHOT..

    Understand that police in the USA get about $40,000 per year, $20 per hour FULL TIME..and in large cities MORE..

    There are REALLY 2 things KINDA wrong about this..
    1. Police
    2. Citizens.

    Its been posted/noted/debated/ and shown many times that WHEN cops are about to do something STUPID..All/MOST cameras are shut down in the local area..REALLY..
    And when the Citizen is about to be STUPID, all cameras are TURNED ON..

    This is a MAJOR problem, as the Police have personal rights to turn off/cover/restrict Video mostly, and IF’ possible the audio..
    (really dont know the reasoning)But, its the idea that COPS need abit of privacy, esp while taking a Piss/Dump/Coffee break..

    NOW abit tech..
    MOST/MANY of the cameras I see people/cops/others USE, are NOT very good. AND the people selling this CRAP, know this, and are still making money selling it.
    ANYTHING past 20 feet, NEEDS FOCUS..
    DIGITAL needs to be 5mp upto 30-25 feet, NO LESS..
    12- 20 mp PAST 25 feet…IF you want to see ANY details..
    Multi Depth/focus ALL the time, which takes ALLOT of memory because you are taking 3-4 pics per picture..
    Infrared FLASH for clarity, and it help define the helps with B/W contrast..

    Optical cameras are good, and details can be pulled out…but its different equipment..and bulky..

    Yes I know abit about Audio Video..

  5. OK. I’m sold. I need to move to Canada. Though, now that I’m no longer an actively employed computer programmer (which at least used to help with Canadian immigration) I’m not sure I can get it.

    Perhaps if I learn a bit of French … and more than just the curses I know now .. that would help.

  6. ECA says:

    TEACH them the HArd basics of protecting your servers..
    I look at those Pics showing the Hacking going back and forth..and I THINK…more is coming from the USA..

    I would give you a strange idea..
    Its based on 2 thing, taken from the CIA about how you would take over a country, without war.Then lets add the IDEA of controlling Slaves/people..
    And BOTH have already been practiced, by the FBI and CIA..
    They admit it..

    Back in the 60’s there were many groups..but strange things happened in Most of them. Which broke up any unions with other groups and destroyed the group eventually..

    Basic infiltration and causing Little things to happen.

    1 group CAUGHT THIS..and Few ever got close to the main person in the group, except at large meeting.. The FBI would get a bum or other person, ask them if they wanted $20, give them a Brick, that they would THROW thru a window, to instigate things..this group would CATCH those people and hand them over to the COPS..

    There USED to be a TON of groups in the USA…Eagles elks, moose, odd fellows, and they are almost GONE..
    Places for people to get together and discuss whats going on in the area, and in the country..
    When a group of people start off, and do very well…Something STUPID happens..
    All the old anti war groups..and many others, just went away..
    destabilizing any groups that MAY get started..

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