MoJo gives away aluminum bottles to combat Fiji Water

September 1, 2009

Despite an intensely green image, Fiji water is among the least environmentally and socially conscious waters on the planet. All bottled water is bad, especially in areas like the U.S. that have potable and frequently tested tap water. Note that water brands that are actually pure spring water are not required to test their quality at all, though most do at far lower frequencies than public tap water is tested.

Still, Fiji water has remained immune to the outpouring (so to speak) of attention that at least the environmentalists are giving to the issue of bottled water with all of its plastic waste and CO2 emissions from trucking it around the country (or worse, shipping it halfway around the world).

Check out this great Mother Jones cover that really gets the point across.

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Gimme Green – A Look at the Evils of Lawns

August 24, 2008

I’d love to be able to share the whole film with everyone. Unfortunately, as yet, only the trailer is available. I saw the film at Solar 1 in Manhattan. If you get a chance, it’s well worth a watch. The film details the many ways in which lawns are a particularly awful display that wastes a tremendous amount of water, uses chemicals that leech into the soil, and uses gasoline to keep it looking neat. Let’s replace lawns with native habitat instead.

Also see the Gimme Green website, especially if the embedded video does not work for you.

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I’m Voting Republican

June 17, 2008

OK. Who out there has read my posts before and really believed I might vote Republican?

The home page for the organization that produced this video is I’m Voting Republican Website

Thanks to Tony for forwarding this along