Reversible Male Birth Control Without Condoms by 2017

September 11, 2014

I had to add reversible to my title because I’ve been using condomless male birth control since 2001.

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Contraception: Preventing Deaths Since 1850 BCE

June 13, 2012

Apparently, there are now people making the utterly ludicrous claim that contraception kills.

See: ‘Contraception Kills’

I should note that I am specifically responding to this quote from the FFRF blog post, not the one about the pill and cancer:

Midway through the rally, a glassy-eyed man with an infant came up to me, held up the baby, and solemnly told me: ā€œContraception would have killed her.ā€

In some cases, people really do seem to think that not conceiving a child is the same as killing one. Somewhat humorously, they do not seem to make the same claim about abstinence in general, or more specifically about the priests and nuns who disobey God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply.” (Actually, this may be a mistaken translation. I believe the original quote was “be useful and multiplex.”)

However, pointing out hypocrisies like priests, nuns, and religious murderers who let their own children die rather than use modern medicine to treat obviously treatable conditions like diabetes will only be a sidebar to this discussion.

The real point will of this post is the obvious fact that every person ever born has died or will die. No one gets out alive. Therefore, 100% of all human deaths have as the root cause conception.

Contraception prevents death.

For the purposes of this post, I am going to assume that those who mistakenly claim that contraception rather than conception causes death are the same induhviduals who believe life begins at conception. It seems a fair assumption. So, for those folks, I would point out not only that about 80% of all fertilized eggs “die” without implanting in the womb, but all of the others die as well. Every fertilized egg is a death waiting to happen, some will merely take longer than others.

So, to you religiose wackos who believe that contraception kills, I say this. Contraception has been preventing deaths since 1850 BCE. Contraception is the only means humanity has ever found to prevent death. Fairy tales won’t do it. Prayer won’t do it. Contraception succeeds where prayer fails.

Prevent death. Get a vasectomy or tubal ligation today. Not ready to make a permanent commitment to preventing death? Try contraception. Many types are quite effective at staving off the grim reaper. Ask your doctor which method is right for you.

Got Vasectomy?

June 29, 2008

Here’s a new article on the underused procedure here in the U.S. Note that in Canada, vasectomies outnumber tubal ligation, a much more complicated and costly procedure. In New Zealand, half of all men have vasectomies by the age of 50. Here it is one in six. Also, here in the U.S., apparently most men are too chicken to have it done so they allow their wives to undergo a more complicated procedure that has much higher risk of actual complications. Here in the U.S. tubal ligation actually outnumbers vasectomy.

Way to go men. Leave it to your wives, even though it’s harder for them.

Vasectomy: Safe, Simple and Little Used

Of course, if you are not sure whether you may want children, both vasectomy and tubal ligation should be considered permanent. Even vasectomy is not reliably reversible. And, the reversal procedure that does exist is much more complicated than vasectomy. However, if you are sure you want no more children, I personally recommend it highly. And, do get tested to ensure you are sterile before giving up on birth control. It typically takes 20 ejaculations before all of the sperm is out of the tubes.

Lastly, vasectomy will not protect against STDs.

Feel free to ask me, if you have any questions, though I am not a doctor.

Happy spontaneous sex!

Reproductive Choice

November 2, 2007

First and foremost, I would like to let everyone know what seems obvious, but may not be. Reproduction is a choice. Just because you grew up assuming you’d get married, move out to the burbs, and pop out a litter of street urchins doesn’t mean that you actually have to do it. If that is right for you, fine.

But, please, at least think about it first.

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