They really want a theocracy: The GOP candidates who want to make you bow to their lord

October 26, 2015

The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of the Christian States of America is just around the corner. We (the former USA) are at risk of becoming a totalitarian theocratic nation. Please please please vote! Vote early. Vote often.

This is scary as all hell. Please do read the article in detail. You may find it hard to believe. But, it’s chock full of links backing up the statements it makes.

A new PPP survey reveals that Republicans are afflicted most, with 44 percent now favoring installing Christianity as the United States’ official religion. (Lest we forget, the GOP’s roster of potential 2016 candidates is stocked with rabid believers, and even faith-faker Donald Trump is courting evangelicals.) A shocking 28 percent of Democrats are also theocratically inclined. Only 53 percent of Republican and Democratic voters combined oppose declaring Jesus jabberwocky our national faith.

They really want a theocracy: The GOP candidates who want to make you bow to their lord

Mitt Romney Campaign Slogan: Invest In The Caymans

July 4, 2012

Are you wealthy enough to avoid your taxes by moving your money to the Cayman Islands? If not, then perhaps you’re not wealthy enough to vote for Mitt Romney.

Investigating Mitt Romney Offshore Accounts

Presidential Humor

January 23, 2008

Here are a few unrelated jokes about presidents and/or the presidency. None are new, unless you haven’t heard them before, which is all that matters. At least one shows it’s age in the punch line.

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