Keep Spreading Santorum

June 9, 2011

Looks like it’s time to dig up all the old santorum posts. He does not appear to have gotten any better with age.

So, sorry to bring up a fairly disgusting topic again. But, don’t worry. The substance is less disgusting than the human being.

Tell Me Now That Carter Was A Bad President

October 21, 2008

Please read this article about Carter’s 1977 speech and tell me now that Carter was bad for the country and Reagan was good. Go ahead. Tell me now which of those two presidents had the right long term plan for this country. Tell me how much worse off we would have been had we continued with Carter’s energy plan. Tell me that this speech of Carter’s didn’t detail a large chunk of the events that have now come to pass as a result of not following his plan.
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Palin For President

October 20, 2008

Michael Palin, that is, of Monty Python fame.

For those of you who are not Python fans or may not recognize every reference in this short video, I have posted the longer clips of each skit used in the video as a refresher class in Python humor. If you just want to go straight to a particular video, use the quick links below. If you’re really unfamiliar with Monty Python, you’ll likely want to watch them all (or won’t like this post at all).

Thanks to Rich Rosen for help finding some of the videos, especially the ones for scenes I didn’t recognize.

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Presidential Humor

January 23, 2008

Here are a few unrelated jokes about presidents and/or the presidency. None are new, unless you haven’t heard them before, which is all that matters. At least one shows it’s age in the punch line.

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Ignore the Hype; Vote the Issues; Find Your Candidate

October 5, 2007

Let’s try something really new this next presidential election. Let’s ignore the media hype and vote for the candidate that best represents each of our own values. Do you think you already know who that is? Are you sure? You may be surprised. Try the candidate calculator.

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