Save Power While You Surf

December 4, 2008

Here are some interesting points about laptop vs. desktop and about how to use the least power with a laptop. There are some points I’d never considered before. Though I knew that it’s best for the battery was to run it ’til dead when using battery power before charging again, I had never considered the possibility of really saving the battery itself by removing the damn thing when plugged into the wall. Interesting.

Keep On Plugging: Should you run your laptop off battery power or use a charger?

Thanks rit

Seriously Power Walking!!

February 8, 2008

This is really cool!!

Taking People Power to a New Level

I was expecting at the beginning of the article that the device would require more effort while walking, else where is the power coming from. However, if you read the article, the claim is that it is actually reducing your effort while walking since you need the effort to slow your leg down at the end of the stride.

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Nukes Are NOT The Answer!!

January 20, 2008

If, like many, you believe nuclear power to be the solution to global warming, you need to read this. If you think France has solved the problem of what to do with nuclear waste, you need to read this.

[ed. note. My first link to this article went bad. I’m now putting links to the same article from three different sites. Reading any one of them will be good enough, no need to click all three. The third is a PDF if you want high quality printing. Thanks – M.S.]

Nuclear revival rekindles waste concerns
Nuclear revival rekindles waste concerns
Nuclear revival rekindles waste concerns

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