Republican Polar Bears Stop Climate Research

September 2, 2015

Much like middle class Americans voting Republican, polar bears in Russia are acting against their own self-interest. In this case, they are attempting to stop climate scientists from doing their jobs. </snark>

Polar bears ambush and surround scientists in Russia

Polar Bears at Churchill

September 11, 2007

These photos were taken in Churchill Canada. I will update this at a later date, possibly much later, with some real information. This is in response to a Dvorak blog post. I just wanted to show the difference between the type of view from the dog farm there and the tundra buggy. The head shot was taken from a van window on the dog farm. The other two were from the buggy.

Polar Bear Head Shot

Polar Bear Walking

Polar Bears Sparring

Note: this write-up is incomplete. Reply below to request completion of the write-up and additional photos of snowy owl and arctic hare