Open Letter to Politicians Re: Climate Change Urgency & Carbon Tax

October 11, 2012

250 million years ago, this planet suffered the greatest mass extinction of multicellular life in the long history of the planet. The ocean conveyor current stopped. The ocean became anoxic, meaning it had little or no oxygen. Fish died; sulfur producing bacteria thrived. As the anoxic layer of the ocean reached the surface, hydrogen sulfide gas was released into the atmosphere in toxic quantities. The sky turned green. The mass extinction was brought onto land.

95% of all species on the planet died. This was due to global warming.*

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Toxic Ocean Resembles the Precambrian

December 17, 2007

You’ve probably already heard that the ocean fish stocks on which we depend are already 90% depleted. Well, this L.A. Times article, A Primeval Tide of Toxins, not only confirms that, but also discusses the effects of this on the rest of the ocean. The chemical and biological content of the ocean is even beginning to make people sick just from getting hit by a nice sea breeze. What the hell are we doing to this poor planet and the rest of its inhabitants? Is the current mass extinction so bad that we are reverting the planet or even just large swaths of it to their Precambrian state? Read the article and find out.

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