Theists: Do You Fear Eternity in Heaven? (Seriously. Please read.)

September 12, 2014

Background for people new to my blog: I am an atheist and antitheist. But, I ask this question seriously and am hoping for a real discussion on the subject.

It occurred to me recently when thinking about eternity just how long we’re talking about and that even in heaven, were I to believe in heaven, I think I would end up so incredibly bored by the monotony of it that oblivion would be very welcome indeed.

Sure the first million years would be a blast!

Nearly all of us would like more time than we get on this planet. But, how long?

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Self-Delusion: The Key To Happiness

May 1, 2014

Warning: This Dilbert comic may not be safe for your brain. If you already have suicidal tendencies, I would strongly recommend that you click away, far away and very quickly.

On the other hand, I had a coworker at the time this strip came out (2001) whose response was, “Cool!! Now I have a goal.”


Climate Change: Action or Oblivion — Ban Ki Moon

August 11, 2008

United Nations Sectretary General Ban Ki Moon has stated in no uncertain terms what many have known for a long time. Scientists really are united on the main points of Climate Change. It is real. It is human caused. The danger is imminent. Inaction will be catastrophic.

Main Article: Human Race Faces “Oblivion” From Global Warming, Says UN Chief

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