Israeli Electric Cars

January 27, 2008

Good news!! At least someone is thinking about global warming and actually taking some action. Israel is planning to aggressively replace gasoline burners with electric cars. And, they’re even openly making the obvious statement that the oil economy is funding terrorism, making it doubly important to Israel to get off the gasoline. Now, if only Israel’s greatest ally and world leader in carbon emissions would follow suit. Check out these two articles from that liberal rag, Business Week.

The Electric Car Acid Test

Israel: Cradle of the Electric Car

One People Divided by Religion

September 12, 2007

The Hebrew people and the Muslim people are both Semitic groups. The similarities in culture can be seen easily by looking at the written languages and listening to the sounds of each. Clearly the Semitic people are all one group. Further, both the Muslims and the Jews claim descent from a single man, though from different women. Ibu Ibrahim and ben Avraham mean exactly the same thing, son of Abraham.

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