IUCN Misses One Critically Endangered Species … Us

May 12, 2016

Some of my formerly radical views seem to be becoming more mainstream. Click this first link to read the main topic of this post.

ALERT: Critically Endangered Species: Homo sapiens

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Homo Sapien Kills Neanderthal in Iraq War 0

July 22, 2009

A homo sapiens (though not any particular homo sapiens) is suspected in the killing of a homo neanderthalensis between 50 and 75 thousand years ago. As there is no statute of limitations on murder, the investigation continues, albeit with little hope of finding the suspect.

OK, I’m mostly joking about the Iraq War and about any murder investigation. Further, I mean no insult to Iraqis and am not implying that today’s Iraqis are Neanderthals.

Anyway, the article makes an interesting read about a case where we have reason to believe a homo sapiens did kill a neanderthal, long a question in the debate about the role of homo sapiens, if any, in the extinction of neanderthals.

Human Stabbed a Neanderthal, Evidence Suggests

Note that since the word human may be applied to any member of the homo genus, I have a bit of a problem with the Live Science headline. Though, they do get it correct in the text of the article for anyone who bothers to read more than just the headline.

Thanks to Jan for the find.