Theists: Do You Fear Eternity in Heaven? (Seriously. Please read.)

September 12, 2014

Background for people new to my blog: I am an atheist and antitheist. But, I ask this question seriously and am hoping for a real discussion on the subject.

It occurred to me recently when thinking about eternity just how long we’re talking about and that even in heaven, were I to believe in heaven, I think I would end up so incredibly bored by the monotony of it that oblivion would be very welcome indeed.

Sure the first million years would be a blast!

Nearly all of us would like more time than we get on this planet. But, how long?

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Jesus Hates Me!

September 25, 2007

First, let me make a few things clear to avoid a bunch of misunderstandings.

  1. I am an atheist and antitheist. This means I do not believe in any deity, including Jesus, and so don’t really believe my own title.
  2. I do not hate Christianity more than any other type of theism. I am writing this post primarily in response to Higghawker who has repeatedly posted scripture on my site, presumably with the intent of converting me. It is my hope to redirect all such replies to this topic and leave non-religious topics free of mythological influence.
  3. I believe it is highly unlikely that Jesus ever existed as a human being.

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