The Most Important Number on Earth

November 30, 2008

It seems that the number 350, a rather boring looking number, may be even more important than Pi and Phi. It probably isn’t more important in the universe than the Hubble Constant and other important universal constants. However, to life evolved for the current climate range on Earth, 350 may just turn out even more important than all the rest, at least for our island Earth.

Why 350?

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Greenhouse Gases Already Worse Than Worst Predictions?

October 27, 2007

I’ll keep this post short. I usually try to do more than just current events on my blog. In this case though, I’d just like to make sure everyone is aware that we may have already silently crossed a major greenhouse gas level without even noticing it right away. It’s pretty scary stuff. Note that this is not yet considered peer reviewed, AFAIK. It is merely a comment about what is likely in the next IPCC report. I count IPCC as more than just peer reviewed, personally.

Greenhouse gas levels ‘far worse than predicted’