Gore’s Bold Challenge, We Must … But, Can We?

July 18, 2008

Gore has made a challenge with the magnitude of JFK’s challenge to get to the moon in 10 years. This time, it’s not about a space race. It’s about a race for the survival of our species and the safety of our nation. Are we up to the task? Can we Americans still rise to a challenge as we did in the 60s? As we did when we ramped up for World War II? Or, have we become a bunch of complacent morans that deserve the painful times ahead if we fail the challenge?

Horus vs. Jesus

July 13, 2008

This thread is now replaced by a new thread A More Rigorous Take on the Jesus Myth. Please use this thread for all new discussion on this topic.

ALERT ALERT ALERT!!! THIS POST IS FALSE!!! I apologize for spreading incorrect information. I believed it to be true when I posted it. Zarove below has proven me incorrect. I apologize for being taken in by an article that actually came up from google scholar. Looking at the footnotes of my “peer reviewed” article should have clued me in. I did not read that carefully. I will not further spread this myth.

Understand that I still do not believe either the Horus myth or the Jesus myth. However, I now also know that it is a myth that the two myths are the same.

Thank you Zarove for setting me straight.

Here for posterity is my original post:

In the spirit of the Bush-McCain Challenge, which shows that most people cannot tell the difference between Bush and McCain, I ask weather you can tell the difference between Horus and Jesus. So, guess which one was:

  1. Born of a virgin?
  2. Baptized at age 30?
  3. Had 12 disciples?
  4. Was crucified?
  5. Was resurrected 3 days later
  6. Was associated with the astrological sign Pisces, the fish?
  7. Was known as The Lamb of God?

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Bush or McCain: Which is Which? Can You Tell?

May 16, 2008

First, take the challenge for yourself, see how you do. (I did very poorly; so do many others; so don’t be embarrassed.)

Bush-McCain Challenge

OK, whether you took the test or not, watch these results. It’s quite humorous.

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