The Fireside Tweets … or Perhaps Fireside Angry Reactionary Tweets (FARTs)

FDR’s Fireside Chats are still within living memory, albeit not mine. But, of course, I’ve heard about them. I’m not sure if that’s true of younger generations.

So, now we about to have another president who communicates informally to the people. But, Trump is no FDR! So, what do we get instead?

The Trump Tweet Tracker — a blog post from The Atlantic

Instead of fireside chats, we get fireside tweets. And, they’re usually angry tweets lashing out at whoever dared to say something even slightly negative about our country’s largest and most insecure ego.

And, since all of his tweets and policies are extremely reactionary, trying to take our country back to some mythical golden age when white men could openly hate everyone else, I am calling these tweets the Fireside Angry Reactionary Tweets, FARTs.

Feel free to use the term FARTs for any or all of Trump’s tweets without the need to give credit or worry about copyright infringement. But, I reserve the right to continue to use the term as well.

9 Responses to The Fireside Tweets … or Perhaps Fireside Angry Reactionary Tweets (FARTs)

  1. ECA says:

    Iv done enough talking about this person, and WHY they gave the job to him..
    He is retarded in his OWN little bubble of the world, to the point he HASNT LEARNED ANYTHING..
    He has no money as its ALL in his properties, HE IS BROKE..IF’ he pulls any money PUT, he will be TAXED to death..

    • I know this will sound snarky. Perhaps, in this case, that’s a bit deliberate since we’ve clashed on this issue before. But, if you don’t think Trump is the right candidate …

      why did you vote for him?

      I know you’re probably going to tell me that you didn’t. I hope you didn’t. But the reality is that 100% of the people of my state voted for Hillary Clinton and 100% of the people in your state voted for Donald Trump.

      Now, I don’t support this system of voting. I support the national popular vote where every voter’s vote would count. But, from our prior discussions, you do not. So, while I would recognize and allow people in my state to vote the minority opinion for my state, you do not.

      So, it is actually a very real statement that you personally voted for Donald Trump. The electors representing your state ALL voted for Donald Trump. The vote that was cast in your name, using your census information to determine the number of electors, went to Donald Trump.

      So, now tell me that you didn’t vote for Donald Trump but still support the electoral college. And, try to explain those two contradictory facts to me. Because they don’t mesh in my brain at all.

  2. ECA says:

    nEITHER side wishes to have the VOTE…
    They let him run as a joke.

    They know what has to be done to FIX things..and they wont CLAIM any responsibility..

    They are going to LET him do it..and take every bit of Blame..

    • 10 states plus D.C. totaling 165 electoral votes have signed on to an interstate compact. When 270 sign on, the agreement goes into force and all states who sign up will have their electors cast their votes in favor of the popular vote, nullifying the effect of the electoral college.

      Both my current state of residence (and voting) and the state from which I self-identify have signed on to the compact. (I’m living in New Jersey, but very close to NYC and still self-identify as a New Yorker.)

      The electoral college is an abomination!

      Actually amending the constitution to rid us of this horrific construct that completely and utterly failed to do its job in the most recent election may be logistically impossible. But, getting another 105 electoral votes worth of states to sign on may be very doable.

      AZ and VA are part way there for another 24 votes. I’d personally bet on Oregon’s 7 votes coming over fairly soon. The rest of New England would be another 15, putting us at 211. PA and DE would be another 23, if they follow their neighbors, making 234.

      After that, I wouldn’t know who to hope for.

      But, certainly there are many people who want the president elected by popular vote.

  3. ECA says:

    If it was created and KEPT as it was supposed to be, it wouldnt be so bad..It was to SPLIT and represent the VOTES of the people..but it would be (KINDA) a rounding system..25/75, 40/60, 83/17..the problem is the IDEA that if 51% goes to 1 person 100% go to that person…it is NOT representative of the VOTE.

    • The electoral college was created for two reasons:

      1. To give more voting power to southern states who had many slaves and few whites. Counting slaves as 2/3 of a human being gave the heavily slave based states more representation. Of course, slaves couldn’t actually vote.

      2. To give the electoral college the power to prevent the election of someone with absolutely no qualifications for the job. Sound like anyone we know?

      So, to recap. The electoral college is a holdover from the time of slavery as a concession to slave owners and to prevent Donald Trump.

      Since we no longer allow slavery (for now) and have Donald Trump in office, the electoral college should be scrapped. It is a pile of shit and it stinks.

  4. ECA says:

    And if it DID, something, its now lost anyway…
    BECAUSE they give certain states MORE balance then others..ANYWAY..

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