De Niro Wants to Punch Drumpf in the Face, But Insults Animals Instead

Robert De Niro would like to punch Donald J. Drumpf in the face, a worthy goal indeed. But, disturbingly, he insults animals by comparing them to Drumpf in the process of telling us why he’d like to punch the Donald.

7 Responses to De Niro Wants to Punch Drumpf in the Face, But Insults Animals Instead

  1. J R McGillawee says:

    Punching Donald Trump in the face or even his gonads will not get the message across! As my Dad always said where there is no sense there is no feeling!
    I am truly sorry for the political state of affairs that my American friends and acquaintances have gotten themselves into! Obviously the parties have not done their vetting of candidates thoroughly enough to avoid this complete disaster of an election for POTUS!

    • Sorry for the slow reply. It didn’t seem to need one. Thanks for the sympathy. Unfortunately, though this could affect you tremendously being next to a country with those tiny fingers on the nuke buttons, we can’t let you vote. If you do, I won’t rat you out.

      Actually, while I don’t love Hillary and she wasn’t my first choice, I do think she’s more qualified to hit the ground running as POTUS than any first-term president in recent history. And, if she wins, she might even be the best American president in my adult life, which begins roughly with Reagan. So, while I think one party didn’t give a truly fair shot to my preferred candidate, I do think Hillary did solidly win and has been very well vetted.

      As for the Republicans, even that party didn’t want Drumpf. But, he overwhelmingly got the popular vote in the primary. So, they were unwilling to go against their base and not nominate him. So, yes, they failed to vet their candidate. But, who from the Republican side both would have been better and got any significant percentage of the vote? Ted Cruz would be exactly the same, from a look at the policies he’d enact. Ditto for Marco Rubio.

      The whole Republican Party had already gone insane years ago, allowing Drumpf’s rhetoric to work in the first place. The stage was set when the Repugnicans adopted the “Southern Strategy”.

  2. ECA says:

    Few understand that the democrats and republicans are putting on a show. THERE ARE OTHER GROUPS..but most of them are small and dont get the money these 2 groups get..

    To understand this, think of hypnotism…ALL you see is whats on TV..ALL news is the same thing.. NO CRITICAL analysis..

    eVER SINCE THEY ELECTED Obama..they have been waiting for something to they can BLAME the incumbent..
    The black guy did it..
    The Women did it..
    The NUT DID IT..

    Its a BLAME game..and if we could get the other groups to work together to select 1 person, they could TAKE the whole election. but they dont REALLY want it this time EITHER…
    Consider the total number that vote, ends up to be about 30%..divide that by 2 for both parties..15-17% ELECTED a president, congress, Senator, Mayor, Governor… REALLY..
    and the Fun part is if the OTHER groups jumped in, it would only take <20% to vote Their candidate into office.

    Funny part about this tends to be the Smaller groups, are only SIDE groups of the MAIN 2 GROUPS.. these are the Buffers..that SWING everything if things get close..
    And its interesting that EACH election they will state that BARELY..50% voted..

    There are 2 ways to FIX the economy..and Neither is going to be EASY..and the person to get the JOB, will get the BLAME…

  3. I don’t believe this particular show is what the Republican Party intended. I think they intended a personality more like Cruz or Rubio, both of whom would have implemented the same policies Drumpf would if elected and if not stopped by the other branches of government. The difference will be mostly about whether 2016 will be the last U.S.. election.

  4. ECA says:

    I dont think EITHER group wants the nomination..
    Its the same I said about Obama..
    There is a BIG change coming and when it happens…Who ever is incharge will be Blamed….

    Changing the economy and FIXING things, is going to HURT..
    Either RAISE taxes on the rich, and TRACK down Corporate money in other countries..
    OR raise min wage by almost 3 times..
    ADD to this, simplify the TAX CODES…which is a PAIN in the Brain..

    • Wouldn’t blaming the person in charge rely on us actually knowing who is in charge?

      • ECA says:

        There is an old military trick..
        Persecute ALL for 1 persons failing..

        Just go up the list and let those BELOW, give the names of those ABOVE..

        Our problem with OUR SYSTEM…is the CORP pays for how do we HIT the mark? So tha the PERSON pays, not the group..

        We are talking BACK DOOR stuff, where the person knows HE/THEY are being PUSHED..for no other reason, then to get UP the ladder..

        As to gathering the OTHER groups together to get 1 person to RUN..Where are the other conventions?
        JUST labeling yourself LIBERAL/GREEN/NAZI/… isnt enough..thats like a cereal box with “Capt Crunch” on the front and you open it and find a BRICK..

        GET them all to come to 1 BIG convention…and select their BEST DEBATER…and let the times begin.. hotel/motel/convention center/OUT in the desert..

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