The Official “Fun Vs. Effort” Graph of Pets

Personally, I think both horses and dragons need to shift a bit left. I highly doubt that horses or dragons really require as much effort as babies. After all, who puts money away to save for the horse’s or dragon’s college education?

7 Responses to The Official “Fun Vs. Effort” Graph of Pets

  1. This is a curious graph! On what basis is this complied, or is it just a spoof? Anyone who has owned and cared for saddle horses knows they are a lot of work! They are more than just a pet! Then the non mammals listed are dubious re\; pets and anything but time consuming for maintenance! And why would there be any effort involved with the fictitious Dragons? That should be positioned at the left margin should it not? BS is as BS goes!

    • I believe it’s intended as humor/spoof. I think the placement of the various animals is based purely on the author’s gut feel.

      As for effort of a fictitious dragon, again, that seems in line with the type of humor.

      Personally, I would guess that the human child should be moved about twice as far to the right. No matter how much effort a horse or other pets may be, no one saves up money for college for a horse.

  2. ECA says:

    The center line is interesting..
    Dragons and horses CAN take care of themselves..
    trying to TRAIN, domesticate, control them could be a pain..
    Starting YOUNG is always best, make friends and learn from each other..
    I dont believe in DUMB animals…only DUMB owner/trainers..

  3. Cats can also take care of themselves. But, that defeats the purpose of having a pet.

    Unfortunately for horses, most horse owners don’t really think of them as pets the same way as dogs or cats. Horses have to work. Many horses are involved in equestrian competitions, in which case, owners are constantly trading them and getting different horses.

    I often feel sorry for horses. I hope some of them end up in loving situations. They’re very social herd animals. And, they’re just really sweet.

    P.S. With dragons, mythical as they are, I’d imagine the real work is in figuring out who to feed them. It’s not as if you can just walk them into the Republican National Convention and let them eat everyone they can catch. Oh wait … that might just be the answer!

  4. ECA says:

    A small group of us were drinking..
    An old friend had come back from wondering the states..
    WELL…he made a major generality…it dont matter what he said..
    Lets say I asked for proof, and DEMANDED he explain his comment(im saying this NICE)…
    Let me say it this way…BLAME 1 person, for 20 years of gov. incompetence?? Is foolish in front of me..

    Im just waiting for People to understand that Representatives are EMPLOYED by you and me..IF things arent going right…FIRE HIM..CUT HIS WAGES..

  5. Jesse says:

    “Personally, I think both horses and dragons need to shift a bit left. I highly doubt that horses or dragons really require as much effort as babies.”

    Disagree. Have you ever shopped around for dragon insurance?

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