Proof of Evolution in our Vestiges

I doubt I get many readers who doubt evolution. But, some of these are kind of cool and might help if you end up debating nutjobs who think we were created by God in our present state sometime after the actual human invention of agriculture.

16 Responses to Proof of Evolution in our Vestiges

  1. James Roderick McGillawee says:

    Interesting graphic information! A true tale of the tail! ha ha

  2. ECA says:

    In about 300-500 we lost something..
    Before that time, Everyone had an over bite..
    it was LOST as we started using Fork/knives and spoons, rather then using hnads to RIP and tear our food..

    • Interesting. I hadn’t heard that before. But, consider that most of us, especially of European descent, are lactose tolerant. This is very unusual for adult mammals. We evolved this in response to herding cattle, sheep, and goats and eating dairy.

      • So those of us who are Lactose intolerant did not inherit the better genes? And why does it reappear after a few generations of not being expressed?
        And where did Celiac Disease come from?
        And finally, this Zika virus, is it a new mutation or has it been around for some time, but not noticed until lately?

      • First, no judgments. Genes are not, in and of themselves, better or worse. They are adapted for specific conditions, or not.

        The gene for lactose tolerance has not made it to the entire gene pool yet. It’s a relatively recent adaptation.

        Celiac is an interesting question. Gluten, like lactose, is not a part of our ancestral diet, as far as I know. But, the response to gluten known as celiac disease appears to be an autoimmune problem, like so many other diseases including my type 1 diabetes.

        Zika appears to be yet another virus evolved in a tropical rainforest where viri appear to evolve rather rapidly. Rainforest viri tend to jump to humans when we cut too deeply into the forest and start eating our close relatives there, such as monkeys and apes. Cannibalism is bad. Mad cow came from feeding cows cows. Bad idea.

      • J R McGillawee says:

        The last I read was that Mad Cow, aka Chronic Wasting Disease, aka Crutzfeldt Jacobs syndrome is not caused by a virus per se, but is a condition of “folding” proteins! It runs across species! It is suspected where animals have eaten other animal brain and nerve tissue from an “infected” source!
        Brucellosis in ungulates can infect other ungulate species and Homo stupidus, too, and maybe related to Tuberculosis!
        Then there is Anthrax which lives in the soil and can infect many species! But that is a bacterium!

  3. ECA says:

    LActose problems started MOSTLY after we started playing with the milk..OVER PROCESSING..
    Celiacs…Is also from about the same problem..MOST of which was after we separated Raw grains into component parts..

    Strange reading

    we are an adaptive species..and we MUST adapt..
    This planet is trying to kill matter how you look at it.
    If we dont adapt to our surroundings, can you guess what happens? Ask Darwin. If you cant survive, and cant reproduce..YOU DIE..
    The problem we have is we are domesticating our food..REALLY.
    We Purify and pasteurize, and sanitize it to the point…
    You have to eat FIBER pills to take a shit..
    Our diet is Supposed to be 60+% fiber from fruits and veggies..
    We now drink our Juice and miss all the fiber.
    Our MEAT, is supposed to be wondering around getting Samples of many plants..we feed it garbage.
    Farming has changed to the point, that we NEED chemicals to make it grow..and its not getting ALL that it can, if it was grown properly..
    How many differnt TYPES of :
    ANY thing, do you know of..just those listed above, there are over 100+ varieties..HOW many are grown and raised…Where did all the WILD plants go?? 40+ types of potatoes and tomatoes

    We are slowly diverging from our HOME planet..we will either Kill it and make Chemical foods, or it will kill us for NOT adapting to the environs..

    PS..I hate being BLUNT.

    • Farming as a whole is a problem. Yes, I agree that it is much worse now, especially as we feed our plants petroleum and natural gas in the form of chemical fertilizer. Then we feed corn to cows and other huge mistakes. Cows don’t process corn well at all. That’s why we need so many veterinarians taking care of sick farm animals and why we need to pump them all full of the antibiotics (which then no longer work for us due to drug resistance).

      But, for a varied diet, hunting and gathering can’t be beat.

      The reason it took thousands of years for farming to kick the crap out of hunting and gathering is that farming is a metric fuckton of work and shortens life expectancy due to the unhealthful diet. Farming gives lots of cheap calories but few healthy ones.

      The reason farming did ultimately kick the crap out of hunting and gathering is that 100 malnourished farmers can kill 10 well-fed hunters and gatherers. And, farming provides enough cheap calories to allow the creation of a class of professional murderers known today as an army.

      • J R McGillawee says:

        Scott, how is fertilizer made out of oil and or gas?
        Last I heard fertilizers are made from Potash [K2SO4] and Nitrogen Compounds!
        Oil and Gas are Hydro Carbons, and not fertilizer!
        Granted, Corn is not the best for Ruminants! That good old Prairie Wool Grass is the prime producer of Bison, Beefalo, and Cattle! And add to that chopped Wheat, Oats, & Barley plus some Turnips, and Molasses!
        I grew up in Cattle Country! One of my High School mates was the mother of the Cattle Dealer who bought 167 cows at an auction in Minnesota, but because it was raised on an Alberta farm and sent to market when sick with Mad Cow Disease instead of being killed, burnt, and buried, it gets blamed on Canada, not the USA!!! Even US Customs, FDA, and Immigration knew this and admitted it! It was the Montana Cattlemen’s Assoc. which demanded the embargo!
        Politics and donations to campaigns ignore proper scientific findings! Mad Cow is essentially the same as Chronic Wasting Disease in wild Deer, etc. and Creutzfeldt Jacobs disease in humans! And there has been cover ups over this for decades, because they can’t find a virus, or bacteria that causes the neural protein folding syndrome!

      • ECA says:

        Weed killers…and growing certain grains/plants that are Protected from them..
        They use oil based chemicals to protect soil, Kill weeds, and as fertilizers..they use it to carry Nutrients..and to kill insects..
        Unless you have a range that is Overgrown, and NO chemicals/spays..ONLY naturally grown…then rotate the cattle from area to area…so that the areas can recover, while the cattle graze another overgrown spot..

        Raising cattle/animals Naturally, takes TONS of land..
        Unless you have Natural selection(animals to CULL the sick and weak, or someone to WATCH OVER the cattle and Pull the sick and weak…the Costs can rocket..

      • Rowdy MacGuff says:

        Time was that no farmer/rancher in Western Canada would ever spray pesticides or fertilizer on the Prairie Wool [original] Grasses!
        What they do now, I don’t know! And what Americans do is likely worse, since they think that they can use steroids to improve the meat! I agree that ranching takes much land area per animal! One difference used to be that Western Canada got more rain than in the USA, but with recent weather patterns all bets are off!
        With the use of the chemical pesticides, new weed mutations arose. We had never seen a Hawksbeard type of Sowthistle until after cultivated fields had been sprayed 2,4,5, T once 2,4, D became ineffective! Nature does fight back! That is half a Century plus ago now!

      • Scott, how is fertilizer made out of oil and or gas?

        My mistake, only natural gas, not petroleum based on further googling of the Haber process. The natural gas is the source of the hydrogen for the ammonia that is the result of fixing the nitrogen for commercial fertilizer.

        The Haber process now produces 450 million tonnes (440,000,000 long tons; 500,000,000 short tons) of nitrogen fertilizer per year, mostly in the form of anhydrous ammonia, ammonium nitrate, and urea. 3–5% of the world’s natural gas production is consumed in the Haber process (~1–2% of the world’s annual energy supply). In combination with pesticides, these fertilizers have quadrupled the productivity of agricultural land:

        With average crop yields remaining at the 1900 level the crop harvest in the year 2000 would have required nearly four times more land and the cultivated area would have claimed nearly half of all ice-free continents, rather than under 15% of the total land area that is required today.

        Due to its dramatic impact on the human ability to grow food, the Haber process served as the “detonator of the population explosion”, enabling the global population to increase from 1.6 billion in 1900 to today’s 7 billion. Nearly 80% of the nitrogen found in human tissues originated from the Haber-Bosch process. Since nitrogen use efficiency is typically less than 50%, our heavy use of industrial nitrogen fixation is disruptive to our biological habitat.

        Now we know why eating certain foods, gives us gas. 😉

      • ECA says:


        Think about this..
        A planet that grows naturally cant supply enough food..
        Naturally grown food, does not grow fast enough, for anyone to make money…
        The USA exports over 60% of its grains..
        We GIVE away TONS of food to other countries INSTED, OF DEVELOPING farms IN THOSE COUNTRIES..(LOOK up food as a weapon)
        WE have a problem…Our farms are not Advanced enough to FEED everyone..
        If we wanted to, we could turn South america and Central Africa into FOOD BELTS..and destroy biodiversity around the world..

  4. J R McGillawee says:

    It might be that in the future after Homo stupidus is extinct, that machines will carry on using artificial intelligence to make more machines that are smarter than we ever were! It is an extrapolation of where this is all leading to, but predicting the future is a mugs game, and not to be taken seriously!
    Enjoy your long weak end,

  5. ECA says:

    its not to hard to get a GOOD 60% chance of being correct about the future..
    AS long as its run about the SAME…even with minor changes…it all Rolls out the same..

    Its like this:
    TV show marks you home for improvement..
    House gets improved
    They move into HOME..
    1 year later PROPERTY taxes come around..
    Taxes went up 4 times…because of HOME IMPROVEMENT..
    Owners loose house..cant pay taxes..

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