40 Million Badass Birders Just Declared War On Oregon Terrorists

Woo Hoo!! Go for it my fellow birders. Wish I could join you!

40 Million Badass Birders Just Declared War On Oregon Terrorists

These assholes are not patriots. They’ve taken military occupation of federal land armed with military grade weapons. This is an act of war, treason, sedition, and terrorism. This is not peaceable assembly or free speech.

This is a coup.

That the people attempting this coup are blithering idiots who didn’t even think to bring snacks or warm socks is irrelevant to the crime being committed. These people must be arrested, tried, and convicted of the felonies they are committing.

Here’s what the founding fathers had to say about the armed insurrection going on at the moment:

What’s Happening In Oregon Is TREASON, Our Founders Explicitly Wrote AGAINST Insurrection

6 Responses to 40 Million Badass Birders Just Declared War On Oregon Terrorists

  1. ECA says:

    you want to post this??

  2. Rodnikov Magillovitch says:

    Just to get up to speed on this item, Ma Google shared this with me:
    The point made was that these lands were not previously ranches, but tribal lands of the Paiutes!
    It does appear to an outsider Canadian, that these idiots are not dealing with a full deck, nor cognizant of the realities of confronting the armies of the massive government of “We the People”! This is just another ramification of the Right to Bear Arms in your Constitution! Too bad it is not also written in your Constitution that the Citizenry are required to be fully educated in all facets of Science plus a corollary be written into the Freedom of Religion category making Freedom from Religion a valid and acceptable stance!
    It is my prediction that with your current Constitution, there will be these types of insurrections ad nauseum into the foreseeable future! Learn to deal with it!

    • Perhaps they forgot that our president is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner with an active kill list, not to mention control of predator drones.

      But, our constitution definitely does not support the shit they’re pulling. Read that last link in my original post. The founders explicitly called this sedition and talked about the military taking back the land and even specified lengths of jail terms for such insurrectionists.

  3. Rodnikov Magillovitch says:

    This just in on Yahoo.ca news:
    As they say in the news business: “Stay tuned in for further developments!”

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