They really want a theocracy: The GOP candidates who want to make you bow to their lord

The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of the Christian States of America is just around the corner. We (the former USA) are at risk of becoming a totalitarian theocratic nation. Please please please vote! Vote early. Vote often.

This is scary as all hell. Please do read the article in detail. You may find it hard to believe. But, it’s chock full of links backing up the statements it makes.

A new PPP survey reveals that Republicans are afflicted most, with 44 percent now favoring installing Christianity as the United States’ official religion. (Lest we forget, the GOP’s roster of potential 2016 candidates is stocked with rabid believers, and even faith-faker Donald Trump is courting evangelicals.) A shocking 28 percent of Democrats are also theocratically inclined. Only 53 percent of Republican and Democratic voters combined oppose declaring Jesus jabberwocky our national faith.

They really want a theocracy: The GOP candidates who want to make you bow to their lord

9 Responses to They really want a theocracy: The GOP candidates who want to make you bow to their lord

  1. ECA says:

    we should discuss with them the FIRST religions that came to the USA…
    Those religions NOW, are more restrictive and OLD..and still around.
    How many Inter-religious wars and fighting have there BEEN??
    We might as well be Muslim..

    WE went to War against Saddam Hussein..
    And I said to my Friends…WHAT happens in a nation with 6 sides fighting each other? You Shoot those Fighting..BOTH sides, and no favorites.
    How do you keep OTHER groups out that want to Keep fighting..??
    SAME answer..
    He had a hard job and a hard answer..

    What happens when we Take over the country?
    WE GET HIS PROBLEMS…What are we doing??
    Fighting a WAR inside another country…and its not 1 group..

    In all the PAST, white men have taken RELIGION around the world, NOT CARING about the others beliefs…and fighting Wars to make OTHERS believe In OUR GOD.,..our bible does not say that.

    THEN we have taken them and made them SLAVES..

    Then we persecute them as aliens in our nations…and WE brought them HERE..

    All in all…90% of the people MAY believe, but they do it silently..and REALLY dont give a hoot what the other guy believes as long as we are peaceful..
    MOSt people get along with each other, until we get to MY GOD vs YOUR GOD.. and all it is, is a reason to shoot the other guy for his land..

    I love the idea that Islam, Christian, and Jewish, are all related and Fundamentally similar…And in Each there are Sub groups..
    My problem is Declaring we are going to do something because GOD said to do it, and it ends up becoming MORE Corporate related then religious..

    • I agree regarding Iraq. That was Kissinger’s war idea from 1973. But, it took a megalomaniacal idiot to lie is into actually doing it. We finally made an excuse to annex an oil field. But, it backfired. As bad as Sodamn Insane was, he was better than most dictators in the area. And, yes, it was completely predictable that the current situation would happen.

      Listen to the Little Dick tell us all about it in 1994.

      All in all…90% of the people MAY believe, but they do it silently..and REALLY dont give a hoot what the other guy believes as long as we are peaceful..

      Specifically believing in Yahweh/God/Jesus/Allah, the most violent, vile, despicable, xenophobic, bigoted, imaginary friend ever dreamed up, is limited to about half the world’s population. It’s no where near 90%.

      Thank Nobodaddy!

      Now, how do we stop them from declaring war on the U.S. Constitution?

  2. ECA says:

    “Yet we have it relatively easy. Abroad, a terrorist state founded on religion is destroying Syria and driving refugees into Europe.”

    ITS BS…and unless you know whats going on…
    US, Russia, and 2 others are BLOWING EVERYTHING UP…

    “Sectarian violence threatens to bedevil Iraq indefinitely.”

  3. Early on religions were what governments now are! But these religions are still hanging on and competing for the taxes [alms] of the masses!
    What is lacking in the over all is teaching of what the principles of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry really mean when integrated into what is reality!
    It is ludicrous to believe in re-incarnation in the light of Scientific knowledge! But true believers tell you with a straight face that they will one day rise from the dead! They believe that Heysoos did, but logical thinkers know that what happened was a figment of the imagination of those present and has been distorted repeatedly over the generations of fable repeaters! Faith does not cut it in the real Universe of atoms, molecules, quarks, and neutrinos, etc.! Then add to that the possibility of mirror image Universii, [still undetected, unproven] and it becomes even muddier!
    [I will now take a break for some Brunch!]

    • Scarier still the wackos who believe that the earth is less than 10,000 years old, idiots who actually believe that the earth is less old than the documented age of agriculture, are now the majority of Christians in the U.S.

      46% of the total U.S. population believes the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that God created humans in our present form, presumably from dust. But, the Christian sects formerly thought of as mainstream are hemorrhaging members so quickly that the total Christian population is now down to 70.6%.

      (46 / 70.6) * 100.0 = around 65%

      If we allow for the possibility that some small number of the young earth blithering idiots are Jewish, Muslim, or other non-Christian, it’s still safe to say that at least 60% (probably closer to the original 65%) of Christians in the U.S. today are Young Earth Christian idiots.

      Sorry Y.E.C.s, there is just no way to politely say that you are barking mad for believing what you believe despite an amazing amount of overwhelming hard evidence to the contrary.

      Your truth circuits have completely shut down.

      You have no veridical thinking skills at all.

      I cannot show any respect for your viewpoint. It’s demonstrably false and stupid.

      But, this is the new mainstream of Christianity in the U.S.

      Thinking Christians who understand evolution and science are now the minority. Sorry guys. I can respect you. But, you can’t be called mainstream anymore. The umbrella sect of Christianity has been coopted by morons.

      And, it is these Young Earth Morons that are also now the mainstream Republican candidates for POTUS. Our next president could be a raving loon. Tronald Dump may look sane by comparison. We could soon have President Raving Loon Carson.

      Somehow that fucker went through medical school without learning a fucking thing about medicine. Modern medicine is based on evolution. And, he denies evolution. He’s a fucking moron of epic proportions and, in January 2017, we could be calling him Mr. President.

      This scares the living shit out of me.

      It should also scare all Christians who have been deluded by Satan to believe that Sunday is the sabbath. Because, once in office, he’s coming for you! Seventh Day Adventists expect to have to battle other Christians over what day of the fucking week they rest.

      Be afraid. Be very afraid. And vote Democrat!

      (I am not a Democrat. I’m a Liberal. But, my party was killed. So, I’ll be voting Democrat. The alternative is unthinkable.)

      Everyone with have a brain in their head, get out there and vote vote vote. This (2016) is not the presidential election to miss.

      • ECA says:

        the problem with all this, is that 90% of those that call themselves Christian, DONT CARE about the 10% of idiots TRYING to run this country. That 10% has the BIG MOUTH, and screams in everyones ears..and is Politically BENT..(JUST BENT works)
        Those Christian groups that Isolated themselves are closer to WHAT religion is…then the Loud mouths claiming christians founded this country..

        IMO..its how a person leads their own LIFE…that shows you are Christian..NOT WHO runs the country..

      • I don’t think it’s 10% any more. I think it’s nearly all of the 46% who believe the world was created after agriculture. At least, the power they are currently wielding feels that way.

  4. Hawke says:

    Claiming to be wise, they became fools…

  5. ECA says:

    Its funny that most of the people in office, all studied 1 thing..LAW..
    or the art of how to tell a lie..
    They had little other means of employment..
    Also something to consider…Most also had Family ties to the jobs..

    Did we elect Educated, knowledgeable, working class people??
    then comes another point..
    The People around them, have had jobs LONGER…Those trying to TELL them what is happening. Many are paid off by the corps.

    Then the idea that MOST of these people live private lives, protected from the people they serve…sounds like a paranoid cop to me..The only people he hears are those with enough money, and big enough mouth..

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