Parallel Universes, Science That Can Be Tested?

[T]he idea that we live in a “multiverse” made up of an infinite number of parallel universes has long been considered a scientific possibility – although it is still a matter of vigorous debate among physicists. The race is now on to find a way to test the theory, including searching the sky for signs of collisions with other universes.

The Theory Of Parallel Universes Is Not Just Maths – It Is Science That Can Be Tested

4 Responses to Parallel Universes, Science That Can Be Tested?

  1. ECA says:

    Iv discussed with a friend the ramifications of dieing..
    And what would happen to the electro magnetic force of our bodies..
    As with the interaction of a multi separation/break of life history..

    (as in: each consequence of life has a break off point, all leading to the Main, beginning/ending of life)

    Im not saying that the two of us ARE NOT nuts, it just that we HOPE what we theorize is possible..we hope

  2. I’m happy just to know the meat that is now me will end up back in the food chain. I don’t need more than that.

  3. ECA says:

    Embalmed and Thrown in a box…or Burnt to a crisp…
    really dont do much for the planet..

    Some of the BEST fertile lands are the ones the MOST died war..

  4. No embalming!! No box. No fire.

    Green burial.

    I personally don’t even want a stone. If someone wants to keep the GPS coordinates of the place I get dumped, that’s fine.

    P.S. I’d probably want all of the teeth in my mouth that still have mercury amalgam removed as well.

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