People with no kids don’t know

He’s right. We don’t. And, some of us are very glad about that. Here’s Michael McIntyre confirming my more minor reasons for not wanting kids. Other more major reasons include not wanting them to grow up in our collapsing world, not wanting to pass on my diabetes, not wanting to further overpopulate the planet, etc.

2 Responses to People with no kids don’t know

  1. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    Most Diabetes is manageable. But try living with Celiac disease, that one is nasty, and we did not know that it was in my wife’s family tree until it reared it’s ugly presence in the young adult cousins! Avoiding Gluten in your diet is made more difficult today by the way foods are partially processed prior to marketing! why it takes so long to develop is beyond my understanding!

  2. ECA says:

    I was born with a genetic handicap..
    If I have children, they will have upto a 50/50 chance of having it also..
    After 12 years of Doctors poking/prodding/examining me…I SWORE not to have a child go thru the BS I did..
    Things have changed abit over the years…and There have been MANY developments..
    I have even found the others with my same condition..and that is a random mutation of 1/10,000…
    My condition has been described and named many things over the years as early as the 1830’s…but was FINALLY had an indepth evaluation in 1999…(doctor had a child with the condition)
    And we found out LOTS about my condition..and more worries then we thought. Kidneys, Glaucoma, and a few other things..

    But you might like an interesting stat…That out of 100 births, you MIGHT find 1 perfect birth. A child that may not have a crippling problem, over most of their lives that wasnt caused by there own self..

    Good luck Rod.

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