Created in His/Her Image … Noodly Apendages and all

Is the intelligence and complexity of the members of the cuttlefish family (octopi, squid, cuttlefish) proof of the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?


But, it sounded like a good introduction to a highly interesting article about the complexity of the octopus genome, the mapping of it, and the intelligence of this family of creatures.


Decoded octopus genome reveals secrets to complex intelligence

6 Responses to Created in His/Her Image … Noodly Apendages and all

  1. ECA says:


  2. All life on planet earth is related to some degree. It’s all DNA based.

    Many people, myself included, like to point out that we share 98.8% of our DNA with chimps and bonobos. It’s a cool fact.

    But, it’s important when thinking about that 98.8% to remember that we also share 40% of our DNA with termites.

  3. ECA says:

    you made me say this…PURE CORN..

    “Sharing is caring”….

    • Cute. But, alas no. With all the DNA we share with other species, we really don’t seem to give even one rat buttock, let alone a whole rat’s ass for them.

      That’s the biggest reason for my hatred of our species.

  4. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    Very interesting article and research! Thanx

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