New England Journal of Medicine Makes a Powerful Statement about Planned Parenthood

This article should be the end of this whole discussion.

Fetal Tissue Fallout

Unfortunately, I doubt that a write-up in a medical journal will get as much airplay as the guy with the dead orange tribble on his head or even as much air play as Jeb “my brother didn’t do it” Bush. Would this be called “hot air play”?

Anyway, The New England Journal of Medicine is solidly and squarely on the side of Planned Parenthood.

So am I.

Planned Parenthood probably does more than any other organization in the country to prevent abortions. They dispense birth control and educate people on how not to have unintended pregnancies, the number one cause of abortion.

The nutjobs on the extreme right are not only encouraging more abortions by trying to shut down Planned Parenthood, they are also opposing important medical research for cures to diseases like Parkinson’s.

Further, by making it harder and harder to get to a clinic that will perform an abortion, these shitheads are actually causing more late term abortions. These are also the same wackos opposing real sex ed and replacing it with slut-shaming and abstinence only education.

Don’t be a shithead. Oppose all efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

Yes, 3% of what they do is actually performing abortions. But, they’re also working to make abortions a much rarer necessity. They’re distributing birth control and educating people about sex.

If abortion is against your religion, A) don’t have one. and B) support organizations that actually reduce the need for them.

10 Responses to New England Journal of Medicine Makes a Powerful Statement about Planned Parenthood

  1. James R. Mc Gillawee says:

    Part of the species Homo stupidous can’t plan what to do for supper tonight, and you expect them to be planned parents? It makes the expression, “Fucking Crazy”, a multiple pun! Rod

  2. ECA says:


    Lets ask a few questions first..
    How many parents take the TIME to really tell/teach SEX ED?
    HOW do people get to the point that they WANT/NEED to have a child aborted?
    What uses could you USE these parts for..besides cat food..

    HOW many children Born with Major problems, and Where in Hell would you get one?

    I dont care about the MALE dominated/ideal that you DONT have sex until you get married, or the OLD idea that IF you(as a female) get pregnant, its YOUR PROBLEM, not mine..

    How many people teach kids responsibility? how many people treat their kids as ADULTS…many groups age 13 a Boy is to be treated as a MAN..and TAUGHT to be a man..

    How many options do women have if they get pregnant?
    depending on a few things..
    Have the baby(give it away, sell it, raise it, what ever)
    Get rid of the baby before its born(cant deal with it, or the fun that the body goes thru while it develops, Embarrassment?? No father, 1 night stand?? what ever)

    I love the Hypocrites..
    they would rather a NEWBORN child then to adopt a child that is over 3…

    90% of all of this, started with RICH ladies, that wanted newborns because they Could not have their OWN children.. and passed down the mentality to Other women…based on RELIGION..
    it has nothing to DO with religion..

    • Damn it! Where’s that like button?! Oh yeah. This ain’t faceschnook.

      Like. Like like like. Like!

      > How many parents take the TIME to really tell/teach SEX ED?

      Damn near zero. Even my very much not repressed mother took me to the library instead and got me a children’s book on the subject. This was around the age of first grade. Surprisingly, there was an age appropriate book on the subject at our local library. It was called, “Before You Were a Baby”.

      I remember at the end, I asked my mother, “So, how could that happen by accident?”

      I guess someone had mentioned having a child as an accident. I must’ve overheard.

      My high school also had real sex ed complete with a thorough explanation of all of the birth control methods and their effectiveness. Condoms were not yet considered as protection from STDs (which were still called VD then). But, they told us about the risks and benefits of each method and how many out of a thousand women using each got pregnant.

      For the record, I have never had sex without birth control.

      I do take responsibility, and did even in my young and stupid days. I’m sure that’s becoming increasingly rare as we fail to provide the basic information to really take responsibility.

  3. ECA says:

    “HOW many children Born with Major problems, and Where in Hell would you get one?”

    I mis-said that..

    “HOW many children Born with Major problems, and Where in Hell would you get the parts needed to HELP a new born?”
    I hope you understood it..

    I dont mind being a cyborg, and WISH they would do it to me…
    would REALLY like new legs.. I was born with them Folded up..and 12 years of surgeries DIDNT HELP..

    Please dont get me started..I learned allot about myself, AFTER I understood what pain was doing to my about Age 40…

    • I actually didn’t understand that. I’m not sure that the fetal tissue being discussed here could be used for that. I think the fetuses would be far too young.

      The fetal tissue is generally used in medical research, as far as I understand it.

      I’m sorry for your legs and can certainly understand wanting to be a cyborg. I wouldn’t mind a titanium spine. My back problems, which only started a couple of years ago, just before turning 50, are probably nowhere near as severe as your leg problems.

      But, I have been hospitalized for pain (just once) and currently manage the pain with meds whenever it gets bad.

      I didn’t know that pain can be more than just a symptom. It can actually be the problem. With back pain, when the pain hits, the body spasms to try to protect the area in pain. This causes more pain and causes a downward spiral.

      I thought it might get better on its own. It got so bad I had to be stretchered out of my apartment.

      Dilaudid and morpheme are great!

      Turns out I don’t even get high from my pain meds. So, I’ve got a whole array of varying strengths of meds I use depending on how bad it gets.

      What I’ve come to understand, that will sound a bit strange, is that the absence of pain is nearly indistinguishable from pleasure.

      • ECA says:

        In my case, My brain covers the pain to the extent that I cant think anymore.. I would rather be Drunk to the point of poisoning.. Its like being a Zombie, and having little to do with anything around me..

        There is something I found out. The body will use its own chemicals to cover most of this, AS long as it has the resources..
        Long term pain depletes these chemicals..
        Look up something called 5HTP…its hydroxytryptophan.. An amino acid you need…
        It supports the pain pills without killing you at the same time..

      • Thanks for the info. I’ll talk to my doctor about it. I don’t generally do homeopathic medicine though.

        Potential side effects of 5-HTP include heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, sexual problems, and muscle problems.[16] Because 5-HTP has not been thoroughly studied in a clinical setting, possible side effects and interactions with other drugs are not well known.

        The lack of clinical studies is the bit that worries me. But, I can ask about it.

  4. ECA says:

    YOU REALLY want to freak people??
    Finding out that you can use a UN- BORN to create Blood banks…
    Using Un-born, Kept BARELY alive to produce the blood supplies this country needs…
    Think about the ramifications…think of the horror..

    • I would oppose that. However it’s done, it doesn’t sound like an acceptable solution to anything.

      I don’t want to be kept barely alive and have specified that in my living will. I wouldn’t inflict that on anyone.

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