Political Messages From Churches Void Tax-Free Status

I don’t often post pages from the IRS website. In fact, this is my first. The title basically says it all. Any church that espouses a political opinion loses its tax exempt status. Actually, it’s not just churches. This is the reason that contributions to the ACLU are not tax deductible and never have been.

Any 501(c)(3) organization that gets involved in politics is perfectly free to do so, at the expense of their tax-free status. So, the next time you hear some preacher going on about Obamacare or Democrats or anything else that advocates a particular political position, report them to the IRS.

This is not new. This has been the law for a very long time.

Here’s the link directly to the IRS site that talks about this issue.


If we all make the call whenever we hear about it, perhaps word will get around that churches have free speech regarding politics, but it’s not free. (Meaning they are within their rights to say it. But, it could cost them tax dollars.)

6 Responses to Political Messages From Churches Void Tax-Free Status

  1. ECA says:

    would be nice…but PROVE it…
    Can we do this with Baseball? I hope you know that Baseball is non-taxed..

    IF you practice what has been preached to you, it will show up in your life and the things you wish to do, and want to do…
    Those that SPOUT about conservatism,(please look up the word before spouting it) should understand its meaning..
    A BASIC path that WORKS…a formula that you KNOW, not looking to the future for a FIX you already have..
    Which is good and Bad…
    In the PAST we had some good Fixes, then someone decided they had a better one(and it PAID HIM MONEY), so we did it his way..
    Love privatization..

    Utilities USED to be protected..and FAIR PRICED..
    Fuel used to be controlled and balanced, now its on the stock market and BID FOR..
    Our military USED to take care of MOST things inside the military…Shopping and goods were CHEAP.. Keeping the Military UP and running TAUGHT people allot of jobs..
    The STATES were in charge of maintaining roads, WITH THEIR OWN WORK FORCE…great summer jobs..
    This could go ON AND ON…

    But for the BETTER profit scheme, WE HAVE CHANGED….

    • Most self-proclaimed conservatives today really don’t know the meaning of the word. I agree with you completely. Also, most of the people being called liberal by the neocon rightwing extremists who misuse the term conservative are far from liberal. Today’s Democrats are yesterday’s Republicans. Today’s Republicans are extremist nutjobs falling over themselves trying to compete with the extremism of the guy with a dead tribble on his head.

      The Liberal party is dead. I miss it. And, I miss having true liberals in government. Interestingly, I can also respect both true libertarians (not the ones self-identifying as such today) and true conservatives (not the ones self-identifying as such today).

      It would be really cool to have an election between a true liberal, perhaps Elizabeth Warren, and a true conservative, like … um … oh fuck I can’t think of a single one in politics today or a true libertarian like … Thomas Jefferson or Robert Heinlein.

      Can anyone name a living true conservative or true libertarian in politics today?

  2. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    As a Canadian looking in from North of the 49th, it is curious that Baseball is a tax exempt operation! Is that also the case with Football, Hockey, Soccer, etc.?
    These leagues sell new franchises rarely, and for an exorbitant price in the multi-millions! These franchises are operated like businesses, which do and can go bankrupt! There have been some minor leagues go bankrupt, too!
    If they were taxed, would they exist? How many of the team franchises are in fact a tax write off for their owners?
    Interesting side issue, ECA!
    In Canada, the Churches have to pay municipal taxes, since they require the local services of water, sewer, roads, snow plowing, etc.
    I suspect that they are otherwise tax exempt, except for sales taxes maybe!
    Part of the history of churches, especially in North America, is the doctrine of separation of Church from State, hence the tax exempt status became automatic. But the history of the churches attempting to exert influence over and demand favor from the State is legendary [the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec is very entrenched]
    Some of the fringe element religious groups that run commune like camps are every bit the business enterprise, especially in British Columbia! Then there are the Amish, Hutterites, and the Sons of Freedom Dukabors, who all bring produce to town to market for profit!
    Should Churches, Sports Leagues, and Social Advocacy Groups be taxed Federally at a full or partial rate? With taxation comes demands for service by Government, too! Some of that service is already there in the form of Defense, Disaster Relief, to name only 2 that come to mind!

  3. Baseball is tax exempt??!!? That really pisses me off since stadiums (stadia?) are often paid for by tax dollars and just handed over to sports franchises. If sports in the U.S. weren’t subsidized by government, they’d be losing propositions. But, since the government gives them welfare in the form of stadiums, they’re huge business.

    Here’s a humorous video of John Oliver talking about stadiums in general, not limited to baseball.

  4. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    Skydome was allegedly very run down, so it was sold by LaBatts Breweries to Ted Rogers Communications for 10% of the original cost! Ted Rogers is famous for marketing ad nausea, and ignoring service! And finally the Blue Jays have opened the vault and purchased / traded for a winning team roster! Ted Rogers must be turning over in his grave!] People are lining up for World Series Tickets and the team is not in first place….yet!

    • Until the words, “World Series”, I had no idea if this was still about baseball. I guess I really don’t follow sports … at all.

      Blue Jays should have been a hint. I’ve heard of them. But, I wasn’t really positive about what sport they play.

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