Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Brief History of Everything

In an astonishingly short 8.5 minutes, Neil explains it all for us lay folks. Enjoy.

P.S. Major kudos to the sketch artist Henry Reich as well. The illustrations are amazing in their accuracy and simplicity.

8 Responses to Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Brief History of Everything

  1. ECA says:

    Im going to say something strange here..
    WE ARE, as the men that Thought the Sun went around the earth..

    The reason I say pretty simple.
    In our galaxy, we are on 1 line of a Long arm…Looking at the center of our galaxy, we see Sagittarius..At the Center..BARELY…
    There are Billions of stars between ourselves, and the center…and MORE on the other side..
    WE can not see the ocean because of all the Hills in the way.
    We can look Up and Down and in a very good Flat out View…to see other systems even.
    But unless this is ALL about a giant Popcorn machine of Locations…Not 1 source for EVERYTHING…this explanation is abit limited ion what its trying to say..
    If there was 1 source for ALL OF IT…we can not say it was From OUR own location…Because everything would be Moving away from us..and it ISNT..
    It had to be a chain reaction, that created TONS of other reactions over a great time period..and its still happening..Our galaxy is old, compared to Many others..
    And when a galaxy is birthed, it is a Maelstrom of noise and Deadly place to be..
    Our small system shows the remnants of all that has happened…Look at the craters on the moon and other Planets..Even ours has the Pot holes to prove it..Some not so old.
    Even if you Think you are nothing, compared to GOD in any bible…Thinking about HOW the Universe LIVES and is created makes a person seem even smaller..
    If you could spend 1 day looking at Every planet, and be Preserved until the NEXT planet destination, you could/would NEVER out live seeing ALL the planets in our own galaxy.. Even if you limited it to SUNS, you would be a mighty old man,
    Just to spend 1 day at 1billion suns, would take you 2.7 million years… Getting to 120 years old, would get you to the 43800 sun.
    That is abit Humbling..

    • Very well said. Regarding not being able to see through certain stuff in the galaxy, there are some great composite images of the entire circular view of the night sky made into single panoramas. There is always a dark line where the Milky Way is because of the dust blocking our view. Surprisingly, I can’t find one at the moment. If I come across one, I’ll post it.

  2. Absolutely brilliant!
    But using this, what, and how can the future of this Universe be predicted? And is this the only Universe? Are there other Universii with different configurations of Energy and Mass undetectable from our Universe? Therein lies the biggest questions yet to be answered!

    • We do, at this point in time, know the future of our universe. It will end in a big rip.

      Are there other universii? That’s a great question. I hope we can answer it one day, if we live long enough and find a way to detect them.

      Regarding universii that cannot be detected from our universe, even in theory, by definition we will never find these.

      So, the question I see regarding this is whether such other universii would be detectable from this one somehow and with some technology as yet undreamed of.

      • There are more than one mathematical theories that predict the presence of one, two, and four Uninversii! Proving them is another thing!
        Maybe they can be found where the Anti-matter went!

      • Proving the existence of other universii requires a testable hypothesis. I know of only one case where someone had such a hypothesis and it proved false. So, let’s hope we can get more hypotheses.

  3. One hypothesis suggests that there is a mirror image Universe! that is relatively easy to wrap one’s mind around!
    Another hypothesis predicts that there are four Universii, which can be an extension of the mirror opposite if you think of it in graphic terms where there are four quadrants, or axis and they are positive or negative to each other. But there are other newer concepts than what I read decades ago:
    This is only the first link that Ma Google offered up!
    This is the rest of the stories:
    So get a cold beverage and settle down for some deep reading!

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