Light: Caught in the Act of Wave Particle Duality

It’s amazing that someone figured out a way to capture this. And, the image is quite beautiful as well.

13 Responses to Light: Caught in the Act of Wave Particle Duality

  1. James R. Mc Gillawee says:

    This is just a little difficult to comprehend! And some of the adjacent articles seem right off the deep end! Rodnikov

  2. ECA says:

    WE now have the ability to record FASTER then the speed of light..
    iF YOU understand this, we can now study LIGHT.
    This may also mean other things…Like being able to go as FAST as the speed of light..
    We just need the ability to make something GO the speed of light, Besides LIGHT..

  3. James – If I understand the article correctly, they caused light to form a standing wave by hitting a wire with a laser. Then, they sent a burst of electrons through the wave. Where the electrons slowed down showed the shape of the wave. But also, the fact that the electrons slowed down meant that they hit particles (photons). So, while the image shows the shape of the light wave, the slowing down of the electrons that made the image possible also shows that the light was simultaneously behaving as particles.

  4. ECA – I’m not sure what you mean by recording faster than light. Do you have a link explaining the details?

  5. ECA says:

    I have a problem…
    When consumerist theorist start being correct, I have a problem..

  6. eca says:

    wow, i WORDED THAT WRONG..
    when the conspiracy theorists start being right, I have a problem is what it should of said..

  7. ECA says:

    Its not paranoia if the corps are there to kill you..
    Cereal corps are having problems,, SALEs are Down, REALLY down..
    I ask why this is happening, and you can see why..
    Look at the side of the box and the prices..$3-4 for < 1 lb of much grains are in the food? And even if it was all grains/fruit.. The markup is so HIGH its STUPID..

  8. ECA says:

    $25 per pound isnt any better.. farmers get $0.03 per pound…show me anything in those that worth $25 per pound..

  9. Where did you get $25/lb? I get per pound prices $5.32, $5.62, and $5.30, respectively for the 3 I buy at the online price for the smallest single box of each. My local store sells them for less. If you take the bulk price on the 35 oz box, at 6 boxes, on the first one you’d do much better at a per pound price of $3.60. The other two don’t come in 35 oz boxes. But, the per pound prices for 12 smaller boxes come to $5.10 and $4.82.

    Really the prices are not much higher than your chemical factory explosions in boxes from the major manufacturers. And, what’s better is that they’re organic. So, no chemical fertilizers and no pesticides poisoning you or the environment. And, for those who care, they’re not genetically modified.

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