Flow Charts — Time to Geek Out

I couldn’t resist posting this comic. Guess I really am a geek.

Click here for larger image, courtesy of xkcd.com

7 Responses to Flow Charts — Time to Geek Out

  1. Rodnickov Magilovich says:

    So what, I like it, too! And I am not likely to be called a geek by anyone!
    As for the joke about the homework project and dreaming of school, I have never had dreams about school, but have many including nightmares about jobs and nasty tasks! Explain to me how that happens nearly 50 years later! Dreams are weird, some are faint and difficult to remember, while others are vivid and easily remembered, plus occasionally re-occur! Their ought to be a way to purge or erase nasty and illogical dreams!

  2. I’ll use this moment to give a shout out to a great song by a group of neuroscientists (and one physicist) in the NYC area. The song is memory pill, the second on this album. You can play it free on this site or buy it.

    Just give me a pill, Oh yes oh please
    Just give me a pill, Wash away my memories


  3. Rodnickov Magilovich says:

    It is in a Minor key, and both my wife and I were not keen on this tune or words, but it does hit the mark on the subject!

  4. Sorry it wasn’t to your taste. I like a lot of their songs. For lyrics, I love extinction. But, the music on that song is rather discordant and difficult to listen to.

    • Rodnickov Magilovich says:

      I am more given to listening to instrumental jazz and big band music, which has some pieces that are in minor rather than major key, which to some people is also discordant bordering on just noise! There are some modern or popular, even Western bands that record the occasional catchy tune I like! I think it has more to do with how I perceive the individual tune, and that band’s rendition than what genre it is categorized as! If I were to post a play list, you would probably shake your head and think, where is he coming from! Par exampla:
      Happy Feet Blues with Winton Marcellus

      My Baby likes to rock it by The Tractors

      Dumas Walkers
      by The Kentucky Headhunters
      Where y at
      By Trombone Shorty Andrews
      The many videos of the Hans Carling family band and their virtuoso daughter Gunhild over the decades as they developed:

  5. ECA says:

    FLOW CHARTS ARE INTERESTING, but Iv seen a few that HIDE what they are trying to say.
    3D chart designs can be confusing at times.

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