Missile Silo Condos: How to Survive Climate Change or Nuclear Holocaust, but not why

Apparently, if you have the cash up front to buy one of these things without a mortgage, you can survive whatever humans do to the planet, theoretically. I can’t personally really imagine how many years of food they could have stored in there.

For me though, I’m not sure life under such conditions, even in a luxury condo, is necessarily better than the alternative. I think I’ll stick with an overdose of insulin if it comes to it.

Here’s the link for these missile silo condos.


Here’s a write-up about them from AlterNet.


You won’t catch me buying one.

18 Responses to Missile Silo Condos: How to Survive Climate Change or Nuclear Holocaust, but not why

  1. Rodnickov Magilovich says:

    “They have part-time night school for that!”
    [I just love the sarcasm!]

  2. ECA says:

    I would make real sure this is real. something is Off, on the location, and site.
    Living in a HOLE does not have good things for your skin or medical conditions.
    these place, when working, were only designed for about 40 people..Air, water, …isnt setup for TONS of people to live.
    Growing food underground sounds abit Vegetarian..
    For any long scale living, bad things happening, more then a few years in that HOLE isnt going to be nice.

    growing, food, veggies, recycling, NO PLASTICS..
    recycling Everything, means Crap also..because if things go bad, I hope you have LOTS of fuel to run generators. even solar has its bad days.
    most processed wood and building materials have VOC, chemicals and gases they let off..

    high chance this is a scam

    • Rodnickov Magilovich says:

      ECA, is modern life a scam the way it has evolved? And why worry, you aren’t getting out of this life alive! Dead doesn’t hurt, getting there might, and in some cases damn well should!

      • Modern life is a scam. Yes.

        To be part of the current Consumerist religion, you must fall into this pattern of circular belief that if you work harder, you make more money, you buy more things. So you work harder still to make more money to buy more things. At no point beyond meeting some reasonable standard of living will any of these things give you happiness or satisfaction with your life. But, you still work harder to make more money to buy more things.

        Or, as has has actually happened over the last 30 years. You work harder to make the same money to replace the same old things.

      • ECA says:

        In the USA and many other corp controlled nations, yes. For some idea, the gov has the idea that to HOLD and control a person you need to KEEP the land, and only rent it to you.
        If you live in a city, its Owned by the city, county, state, and Feds..you pay the Land owner, then they pay the city and state. There is little or NO land that can be WHOLE owned.(if there is a way, I want to know) meaning no taxes. Independent of Other control.
        As children we are programmed by religion and TV, that the hero always wins, that we are supposed to be nice and Fair and to do good to each other..that everyone is this way.
        Then the corps slowly EAT our wages and over charge us, and most people dont understand HOW to control this.(yes there are ways).
        Every time a politician is Bought, that the moeny to do so, Came out of our pockets..
        The the highest paid CEO, 1 days wages could set you up for Life.
        That the MOSt complaints we have about gov. were created by the corps..they hate the regulations that were placed on them over many years.
        And our ignorant Politicians are to DUMB to remember WHY those laws were placed in the beginning.
        Politicians that dont have any other education, except how to get money. how many economists do we have elected? Bookkeepers? REAL lawyers?

      • I don’t agree that paying property taxes diminishes one’s ownership of the land. I do own my condominium. And, that ownership is fundamentally different than the ownership of a cooperative apartment (or coop). This is even reflected in the difference in rates between a condo mortgage and a coop loan, as reflected in both the names of the loans and the interest rates. Coop ownership transferred as shares in a corporation that grants one the right to live in a particular apartment in the building. Condos are actual ownership of the physical unit. This is also shown in the types of monthly fees and amount of control the board has, etc.

        On a real scale, I think that the origin of property ownership comes from a western style government. native Americans did not have the concept. So, at some point, the government had to claim the ownership of the land and then sell it to people, or at the very least, the government had to recognize the claim of the individual to the land. This whole concept of ownership is founded in our legal system. Recording offices exist largely or possibly solely for the purpose of recording said ownership of real property, including any liens that may exist on the property.

      • Rodnickov Magilovich says:

        Scott is correct regards ownership! It is a Western Concept that is not shared by any of the known Indigenous Tribals in recorded history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_tenure
        My wife and I jointly own our house [city], and the lot it rests on, but for that privilege we must pay Real Estate Taxes to pay for the infrastructure such as roads, water , sewers, Fire fighting, Ambulance service, and Police Protection, etc.
        I believe, I recall, that our ownership is of the top one foot of this land, and so our split level basement is in Crown Land! Also, it does not extend to Mineral Rights like many farmsteads and ranches have! Only the original homesteaders had these Mineral Rights, but with the discovery of Oil and Natural Gas, Saskatchewan stopped registering Mineral rights after those homesteads that were granted to the Boar War Veterans, but Alberta did not stop granting Mineral Rights until after the Leduc Oil Well Gusher in 1946! [Gov’ts and Politicians are greedy] There is much more to this mineral rights business under British Common Law than I know about, plus daughter is not much help, since she works in medical malpractice type law!

  3. I think it’s real, at least in the sense that someone would take your money should you cough up the 1.5 – 4 megabucks.

    As for number of people for which the hole was dug, it wasn’t. It was dug for a missile, specifically, an Atlas missile.


    In ICBM configuration, which is presumably the configuration requiring a silo, the missile was 85.5 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Presumably, the hole would have to be significantly larger to include work space for service people to do work on the missile as well as just a bit of room around it.

    For the 1,820 square feet on a single level, the radius would be a bit over 24′. Add some more for the elevator.

    I doubt it’s healthy to live in such an environment. But, it’s probably not all that healthy to live in the constant fear that would be required to make this look like a good idea.

  4. Rodnickov Magilovich says:

    One aspect of these silos is that they house nuclear materials! That is in itself worrisome! Another item is the rocket fuel is in some cases Atrazine? This is also a toxic substance. Before any of these missile sites are placed up for sale they need to be cleansed of any and all hazardous substances, period! How many cases of former military reservations converted to residential and or commercial sites have been later found to be contaminated? Lots!!! Maybe it would be better to just pour these holes in the ground full of concrete , there by sealing any problems off permanently!

  5. Well, they housed (past tense) nuclear materials. Is there something saying that they still do?

    There is no nuclear power for these units. There is the local grid, a wind turbine, and a diesel generator. This leaves me wondering how long these things could be off grid.

    • Rodnickov Magilovich says:

      As a former industrial radiographer, I would use a working, calibrated Survey Meter to test for ionizing radiation before I entered and while inside! I need proof that there is none remaining, and that there is no residual spills! The Nuclear Industry, both Commercial, and Military have far too many horror stories in their short histories! [I just don’t need any more doses!]
      As for power, they all had a backup system, to augment any grid power!
      I have seen some of these silo sites from the Interstates as I drove by, so some are easily accessible!

      • So, I guess you’re expecting that there could be radiation left over from when the missile was inside the silo, correct?

        I doubt the old power supply to the silo is still in tact. That was probably removed by the military before they laughed all the way to the bank at the sale of the silo.

        Of course, the laughter from the company turning it into condos will be orders of magnitude louder. It’ll probably echo around in that sealed chamber for generations.

  6. Rodnickov Magilovich says:

    There are different types and sources of radiation. In the cases I dealt with, it was a sealed capsule that was withdrawn into an “S” tube inside a dense pig of depleted Uranium 238 where the Gamma rays were mostly absorbed by that dense mass. But when working in or around a nuclear power reactor, there are numerous sources of several types of radiation. Containment can be more easily compromised, and it may stick to clothes, skin, tools, etc. The worst is Alpha particles since they are Helium nuclei, since they carry a ++ charge lacking their electrons! They are generated during the fission of larger atoms that also spew out other radiation like Gamma, Beta [electrons], even x-rays in some cases. Beta particles are simply free electrons, and are stopped by any thing like clothes, tin foil, walls, etc. The real problem is the contamination from the large fissioning atoms like the U 235 and or Plutonium 239 in the missile’s bomb assembly.
    I read somewhere that one of the problems with older missiles and other nuclear bombs in long term storage is deterioration of the containment assemblies and associated hardware such that leakage was present. I am not privy to the complete problem and mechanisms involved [it is covered by the Official Secrets Act as well]
    All I am saying is that any nuclear site needs to be thoroughly vetted for left over contamination, which by the way is not just for the radioactivity, but these are also chemically toxic heavy metals!
    Many of the problems of the nuclear industries have been covered up over the decades, and much knowledge has been kept out of the media to quell any hysteria from those who do not have the education to properly understand the details and remediation problems!
    The best and cheapest solution, in my mind, is to pour the hole full of concrete, and leave it alone! Concrete is one of the denser materials used to shield biologicals from radiation damage! There will never be enough payback from redevelopment to ever come close to the cost of the nuclear deterrent standoff!

    • OK. I get it. Just one question.

      Are you saying that you trust neither the U.S. government to make sure the silo is safe before selling it nor corporate America to test it thoroughly before developing and selling the condos?

      Really? I’m so surprised.

      • Rodnickov Magilovich says:

        With the track record what it is, NO I DON”T! When it comes to safety and security of things nuclear they are some of the worst F*%#k UPS!

      • I was actually being sarcastic.

        When it comes to nuclear safety globally, we should remember that not one single gram of radioactive nuclear waste worldwide has been put into any permanent storage facility. It’s all just hanging around in places we think are safe for the short term. We have no idea what to do with that hot shit long term.

  7. Rodnickov Magilovich says:

    There are at least 2 options for hot radioactive nuclear waste:
    -send it is rockets towards the Sun for it to consume it
    -bury it in deep hard rock vaults in the Canadian Shield where there are no water seepage or underground streams
    There was a small research reactor that melted down at Chalk River, Ontario which did get a permanent burial.
    The US Navy Nuclear Submarine Commander, and future President of the USA, Jimmy Carter was brought in to supervise the effort. He did get several doses himself, but got the job done. A huge concrete sarcofagus was poured around it. Then it was hoisted out slung from a big beam suspended from 2 Sikorsky Skycrane helcopters and flown up into Northern Quebec where is has been dropped into a lake that has no [known] inlet or outlet. That lake has been signed off and placarded as no entry for ever!
    When Jimmy and Rosalind toured Three Mile Island, years later, he was revisiting a previous experience, an dknew full well what was on the go!

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