Of Purpose and Penis-Religion vs Science Debate Rages On

I love the graphic. Click the link below to read the article.


2 Responses to Of Purpose and Penis-Religion vs Science Debate Rages On

  1. ECA says:

    Since no one is here..lets get it started.
    Any person that studies religion, would Experience EACH religion he studied..before settling down to an understanding OF religions..

    I have seen a few that have REALLY looked into religions, and FULL understanding of them.

    My conclusion…
    Most of them say the basic same things..the problem in them is taking TRIBAL bases, and trying to get the TRIBAL aspects out of them..

    There are a Few beliefs that are geared to the idea of LEARNING SELF, Understanding SELF..Which I find very interesting.

    90% of people just want to be left alone with BASIC rules…
    (rules depend on the RULER, and those making the rules..)
    If people had the ability to Come and Go as they wished to goto leaders they appreciate..Things could be better, but this would make Leaders upset..

    MOST of what every religion says..”BE NICE TO EACH OTHER,.” isnt adhered to.. WE/THEY keep bringing the old tribal rules into the mix. And people think that Religion should have all the answers, and be written in CONCRETE/never changing..

  2. People prefer medication to meditation. Most people don’t want to spend too much time looking too deeply into their brains. They worry about what they will find. It’s much easier to pick up a book that says to throw rocks at gay people and just take it on faith than to actually think about the right thing to do and what morality makes sense versus what does not.

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