Why Does God Kill So Many Children in Idaho?

As someone with type 1 diabetes, I can assure anyone who thinks otherwise that the effects of undiagnosed and untreated type 1 diabetes are beyond unpleasant. I ripped a hole in a lung and a hole in my esophagus from extreme vomiting.

These have healed, though my doctor still checks carefully 26 years later.

Once diagnosed, it took some time to get under control. I was on nothing by mouth for 2 more days after vomiting my guts out for a day or two prior to the hospital. I got motion sickness in a wheel chair on my way to radiology. I passed out quite thoroughly on a cold, hard, metal x-ray table.

26 years later, I am a healthy diabetic in tight control with no complications.

Children of the Followers of Christ, Christian Scientists, and other psychotic morons who believe they should prey on pray for their children rather than actually doing something to help them regularly allow children (yes children) to suffer far more than I did at age 25. It makes me physically ill to think that such people exist and worse, reproduce.


Such is the perversion of morality and the denigration of the “sanctity of life” caused by a religious belief that this life is meaningless and only the one that comes after counts. It makes sense. If you believe in an eternity in heaven, this finite life divided by the infinity of eternity equates to zero.

This life has no value to such people!

Morality can be twisted beyond all recognition by sufficiently insane religious beliefs. After all, who would believe that a parent could allow their child to suffer such a fate?! But, such is the norm in these religious subsects who think life is meaningless.

Generally, we think of the extreme religiose among us as being the ones to state that all life is sacred. Where are the anti-abortion wackos protesting these child murderers? If all life is sacred, how come we never see these antiabortion maniacs outside Christian Scientist churches?

I say, nothing has the potential to fuck up morality like religion.

Good for Oregon to lock these criminals up. Too bad most other states do not do so. Even most states that are less extreme than Idaho do not have proper laws on the books the way Oregon does and likely wouldn’t enforce them if they did.

BTW, if you don’t get through the whole article, at least check out this map showing how bad things are in the U.S. for children of the uber-insanely-religiose.

6 Responses to Why Does God Kill So Many Children in Idaho?

  1. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    Ignore the stupid buggers, and hope that more of them die off! Too many people in this World now for them to be taking up resources that the rest of us need!

  2. I can’t bring myself to hope that more children die of diabetes. I can hope that the parents do so before breeding.

  3. Eric Heathens says:

    I agree. If they love and see children as a continuation of the glory of their god, then why should they make their own children suffer to the point of death. Yet, they condemn others for their own right to seek an abortion?

    I ask you….

    …..who are the real killers here?

  4. In my misanthropic and cynical mindset, don’t ask me who the killers are. I’m liable to point out that the leading cause of death is birth (in sexually reproducing species). Or, for those who actually believe life begins at conception, the leading cause of death is conception.

  5. ECA says:

    At this time, the human species has out grown itself. Many females have a hard time with child birthing, as the human head is larger then the birth canal..
    The COST of a NON-NATURAL, meaning that the woman gives birth without assistance, is HUGE…You can be in debt just for having a child at a hospital.
    Birthing at home CAN be a good thing, but you must consider that 1in10 will need the hospital Immediately.. and 2-3 others will need more Quickly.. only Good thing about the hospital is IF’ something isnt right, they can rush to fix it..and add more to the hospital bill..

    DONT get me started on genetics, my FIRST baby picture is in Casts..

    If you wiah to add most of it together, 5 children will not reach 12 years old, with out death or major problems..
    Out of the 10, 1 should be fine for most of his/her/its life..

    If you wish my credentials, lets say that my handicap is very interesting, and I have done allot of reading..

  6. ECA,

    The big heads are a result of profit-driven medical care. C-sections are much higher in profits than mere vaginal birth.

    Women and fetuses were always at war over head size, not a conscious war, of course. Babies want to do as much development in the womb as possible. Women want them out sooner for their own safety during childbirth.

    C-sections remove the selective force against large head size. Soon we (meaning women, not me, and meaning women who want children, not my wife) won’t be able to give birth without C-sections anymore.

    I’ll take your word for it on the birth at home stats. In 1963, 6 weeks early was very early. Now, it’s routine. Then, I was the one in ten who needed to be chucked in an incubator and baked for a while longer. That and the fact that I was born with jaundice (and though not relevant but purely humorously, with fur from head to toe).

    Sorry to hear about your troubles during birth. They sound worse and more long lasting than my monkey fur, which fell out in a day or so.

    As for your interesting handicap, I’m even sorrier for that. I know enough from my own diabetes to know that you don’t want to be “interesting” to doctors. Boring is good. Boring is healthy. Boring when not perfectly healthy is at least routine. When lots of doctors come around, they’re all learning about the interesting case. As the number of doctors drops, it means your case has become routine and both the prognosis and the diagnosis have likely improved quite a lot.

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