New Hypothesis Suggests Parallel Universes Interact With And Affect Our Own Universe

First, I hate when people call these brand new thoughts theories. Theory in science does not mean what it means in a court of law. It means something that is tried and at least fairly well proven. It makes predictions, can be used to do calculations, and may even have engineering applications.

Anyway, this is an interesting hypothesis. I wonder if it will make testable predictions, and if so, what they will be. Then, I will be very interested to hear whether the tests have been implemented and whether the hypothesis passes the tests.

Until then, this is merely an amusing thing to think about. Let’s see how this pans out.

10 Responses to New Hypothesis Suggests Parallel Universes Interact With And Affect Our Own Universe

  1. ECA says:

    waiting for it…
    A bowl of pudding placed in varied locations and waiting for it…
    “proof is in the pudding?”

  2. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    That is some heavy duty thinking there!
    Out of curiosity, does Stephen Hawking weigh in on this topic?
    As previously mentioned, I have read that some Physicists believe that the atomic/sub-atomic particles in our Universe jump in and out of existence at a very fast rate, such that we cannot measure that. So it is my conjecture that if this is true where do they go, and alternate Universii would be an excellent solution! Furthermore, it may well be that that is the “glue” which holds our Universii together! But then what do I know, I failed first year calculus!

  3. Eric Heathens says:

    Hi everybody.
    I don’t know enough about the universe to give an appropriate response to this because of my limited knowledge on the subject, but what it as to me is an obvious way for Christians to explain there god to fool people into believing that biblical tripe. Perhaps I’m wrong though. Just my two cents.

    Nice blog btw.

  4. Hi Eric,

    I’m confused about how this could be used as anything at all convincing about religion or Christianity one way or the other.

    It’s not even a fully formed scientific theory yet.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion but do please elaborate.


    • Eric Heathens says:

      Sorry for the mistakes in my former post, but I was very tired when I got home.

      That being said if you are aware of a (Christian kangaroo congress) that heads the funds to the sciences, because we all know they would love to exploit it and make everything in accordance to their book of lies, and if I may point out that the media’s also very (Christian conservative), is it any wonder then that this theory even gets the press that it does?

      Just my two cents. And thanks

    • Eric Heathens says:

      And to add, you are confused, yet, I do not suffer from this ailment. I’m not trying to belittle you, but to point out that this will ultimately lead others to believe that the universe of with a god/gods would be capable of interactions with this one…..yet no one else sees this coming? It is a way for them to sneak their gods into the equations.

      At least that’s what I’m witnessing before my very eyes. Sorry for my blathering.

      • I really hadn’t considered the possibility that someone could say, “see, these other universes are where God has been hiding for the last couple of thousand years.”

        It’s an interesting possibility.

        However, in my opinion, for someone to use such an argument, they would first have to admit to the conclusion that at least at present, this is a god-free universe.

        Science also tends to advance by looking for any new information. It’s sort of V’ger’s directive to learn all that is learnable. How that knowledge will later be used is almost not a concern of science.

        So, if this hypothesis pans out, makes some testable predictions that prove true, gives us a better understanding of the universe and possible multiverse in which we live, do we really want to ignore it based on how the religiose might misinterpret it?

      • Eric Heathens says:

        Oh, thanks for that. I never considered that they would have to admit that this unique universe (IS) in fact (GODLESS. ) Wow! Thanks man. That’s very useful information. I’ll be back here more often.

        But misinterpreted multiple universe’s with gods? – hardly.

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