Gilded on Reddit: A Christian Asks Atheists 4 Questions

This isn’t really a big deal. But, I thought it was kind of cool. I had been on reddit for about 10 months and had just broken the 1000 mark in my karma. Then I happened to respond to a Christian’s questions on the atheism subreddit. That thread got a lot of traffic. My single response more than doubled my karma. And, someone gave me reddit gold, which I had never had before.

So, I’m kind of pleased with the external validation and thought I’d share the post here.

[edit] For any who are unaware, reddit gold actually costs money. So, when someone threw gold at me, they were actually putting their money where their mouth was … so to speak. The thousand plus karma points are a big compliment to me, but clicking upvote on a post costs nothing. The gold was a real thrill. A month of reddit gold is $2.50 by the year or $4 by the month.

4 Responses to Gilded on Reddit: A Christian Asks Atheists 4 Questions

  1. James R. Mc Gillawee says:

    All very good, but vastly time consuming! This is a huge multiplicity of items, but why should I worry, I am not getting out of this life alive, dead doesn’t hurt [so far as we know], getting there might, and in some cases, Damn well should! Regards parallel Universes: I once had a copy of a paper which described mathematically the likelihood of there being 1, 4, 6 or more such realities. My boss at work confiscated it [he is a Roman Catholic convert whose wife is RC, plus he has a PhD. in Metallurgy, but acted as thick as a cement block wall! He never returned my piece of paper, even after he fired me some years later! Regards parallel universes, it occurs to me that this concept that materials like subatomic particles jump in and out of existence, might just be jumping into and out of one or more of the other universes! Well they must go somewhere before they return! The problem is we cannot at this time devise any scientific means to observe, measure, record such events. Besides it may occur at astronomically fast rates, hence it may not even be possible to devise a means of observing this potential phenomenon! As for near death experiences, I had an interesting conversation with a medical worker who had twice in her life nearly died by drowning. She recounted how her whole life had flashed before her right back into early childhood, before being revived by CPR after being recovered from the Ottawa River she had lost consciousness in! It occurred to me that maybe the biological computer which is our brain was in the process of downloading all that she had stored in memory. I did not get to quiz her on how well her memory now works, and how much she had lost if anything! [Amazing what one learns while waiting for a new exhaust pieces gets installed in a garage waiting room!] eMail again later, take care, Rod McGillawee

  2. Regarding the combination of a PhD, Roman Catholicism, and being generally thick as a brick, none of these are in contradiction. Some educated and intelligent people believe in religion. Some educated people are not intelligent at all. Many topics require merely scholarship rather than intelligence or more accurately smarts. (This last because intelligence tests actually test for things that are really more accurately described as the prerequisites for being smart rather than actual smarts.

    Regarding the matter popping into and out of existence, it must always be in equal quantities with antimatter.. So, the particles need not go anywhere. They just annihilate. The mass-energy budget of what pops into existence is exactly what pops out of existence every time, leaving a net zero, except for the fact that they were there.

    I’m not really sure how accurately I’m wording it. This is mostly just my limited understanding of what the really smart people are doing and have done towards our understanding of the universe.

    Anyway, the fact that the particles were there turns out to be important. See, with this happening so rapidly, there is always some stuff there. That gives the universe additional energy in the vacuum of space. This is the cosmological constant. This is likely the explanation of dark energy, or part of it. The vacuum is not truly empty.

    Regarding near death experiences (NDEs), the study of them was just published. There are apparently a lot of NDEs that don’t fit the standard experience we usually hear about. More importantly, of the ones who experienced floating over themselves in an out of body experience (OBEs), not a single one could read the message placed on a top shelf.

    Huh! Whodda thunk it??!!?

    Just the mind playing tricks under extreme conditions, no soul actually floating around the room noticing strategically placed messages.

    Interestingly, though no one could find and read the messages, some actually were able to describe events of the operating room, indicating that their brains were functioning the whole time rather than, as some expected, a flood of input at one point in time being interpreted as longer duration.

    A mind is a terrible thing.

  3. ECA says:

    did you use one of my idioms??

    “I dont know”= God did it?

    • It appears I did. It was actually unconscious, which means that part of you is now in my brain. And, thank you for that.

      Though, I varied it slightly by making an assertion rather than a question and, of course, changing equals to not equals.

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