Bible has Recipe for Abortion

For years, I’ve been saying that the Bible says nothing about abortion. Since abortion predates the Bible by centuries and was commonplace in the area where the Bible was written, I used this as an argument that there is no Biblical foundation for any religious objection to abortion.

However, someone just pointed me at a section of the Bible I’ve missed.

Numbers 5:11-31 actually mandates that women who are unfaithful to their husbands undergo abortion and even gives the recipe for making the Biblical version of RU-486. So, the next time some wacko religious freak who thinks that the government has more to say about a woman’s vagina than she does because … Jesus/God/Bible, point them at Numbers chapter 5. Read it for yourself here. It’s quite amusing.

Here’s the New International Version if you prefer.

Even if you claim this is an ordeal (like checking to see if she weighs more than a duck) and God performs the abortion, it is still very clear from this that the life of the fetus is not sacrosanct. There are at least some conditions under which the fetus may be deliberately terminated in the womb.

Oh, and also note the reference to holy water in 17. I had no fucking clue that Judaism even had the concept of holy water.

Of course, I strongly believe that religion should not influence government regardless of what the book says. But, Christians who think that “be fruitful and multiply” means we must not use birth control or abortion sure as hell are not getting it from the Bible.

4 Responses to Bible has Recipe for Abortion

  1. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    One of the principles in Biology is that if an organism has ample source of light, warmth, food, water, etc. it will multiply until it reaches that point where the supplies limit the growth and reproduction to the point where as many of the species is dying as are being born, and if their waste is not being removed, to the point it limits the supply of light, warmth, food, clean water, etc. there will be more dying than are born which can be plotted graphically as a bell curve!
    Also it is my conjecture that Homo stupidous has an innate psychological flaw which allows illogical thoughts to permeate in regards to the origins of this universe’s realities and the origins of the biological species found there in!
    Meanwhile, I now need to take my cameras, and dog for a long walk before I become a vegetable in front of this laptop!
    I post on Flickr as Quackademic!

  2. Agreed on all counts Rod.

    In addition, humans are in the unfortunate position of having no significant natural predators (other than ourselves) and having the ability to eat such a wide variety of foods that we can eat out many resource bases while moving on to other resources. This means that we can remain ignorant or willfully ignorant about the damage we’re doing … until it’s way too fucking late.

    I’m not sure what our little aside has to do with the biblical abortion recipe. But, it’s a good side topic.

  3. ECA says:

    To artificially, Push/Augment our food supply…COULD cause problems if they Fail..
    The Problem I see in our nation, is that WE subsidize sending food to other nations..
    WE export 80+ %…to other countries..
    When we have a Crop failure…WE GET charged for it, and keep up the Exporting..
    we have countries DEPENDENT on our food..
    There are countries that CANT grow certain foods..To many trees. And if they DID, it would decimate most of their country. ASK Brazil..

    AND STILL we can not feed the world. Even with Augmented plants.
    And some nations have BANNEd USA foods for the reasons of GMO foods..

  4. Just for the record, the reasons Brazil can’t grow food where there are forests are:

    1. The forests actually grow on incredibly poor and shallow soil. This is why the trees need root buttresses and other structures to hold themselves up in the shallow soil. Deforestation there only provides for a few years of farming at most. Then it’s pretty bleak.

    2. The trees are the reason for the rains. It’s evapotranspiration that causes Brazil to get rain despite the fact that they’re on the wrong side of the Andes to get the trade winds with moist air. It’s the trees that bring the water inland.

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