How to be Polite

I have to post this because it’s just so … un-me. Perhaps I can learn something from it. Perhaps we can discuss whether anyone else has tried it and with what results.

How to be Polite

So, getting on with the topic. What do you do? Hunh. That sounds difficult. After all, I have to put it in my own words right? It’s the idea that counts.

I may have opportunity to try this tomorrow. If I can keep it together, I’ll let you know how my first very unpracticed attempt goes.

14 Responses to How to be Polite

  1. ECA says:

    I tend to be nice, not always Polite.
    The problem I see with MANY, is they dont know the Polite RULES.
    The Friends I have, I TOLD THEM the rules.
    And they Loved it, that I told them where they stand. I DIDNT EXPECT IT from them, and not get it..
    I also ASK of them to be BLUNT..say something when its needed.

    Iv corrected one friend..
    He THOUGHT, a friend would be the one to go out, get drunk with him and Party and Drive around DRUNK with him.
    I said no. The FRIEND is the person that TAKES YOUR KEYS and WALKS you home, if himself is drunk also..

    Your friend will get you OUT of jail, if you are on the RIGHT side..NOT if you are an idiot..
    Your friend will give you OPTIONS to problems, not tell you that you are WRONG, and if youu REALLY want to do something, he will be around to call 911.

    • ECA says:

      The one point Iv said to my friends, is that “ITS NOT what you say, its HOW you say it.”
      Some people dont GET/understand what you are trying to say.. Its the idea that Apologize before you give Bad news or insult someone..IT WORKS..

  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    I don’t get this post. Seems very different—like half of it is missing or something?

    However……I do know quite a bit about the subject.

    How to be Polite: STFU.

    Easy. Nobody wants your fucking opinion. So…..if you have an opinion, keep it to yourself. Its the POLITE thing to do.

    The challenge is NOT how to be POLITE. The challenge is how to be HONEST. And you do that by never offering your opinion unless asked, and then you prefix said opinion with “Do you really want to hear an opinion that you disagree with?” And when 99% say yes, you know that 99% of them are lying. At best to themselves, but quite a few to everyone else.

    Its: Silly Hoomans.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Second view: I see there was a link to an article on how to be polite==except I thought the Raconteur game was for pure shit heads.

      ……….and I don’t know what Nickster is going on about wanting to touch people…that is how cooties spread for Public Health sake!

      As is so often the case: without knowing anything about the subject, I am right on the mark: stfu, and leave other people alone.

      Works for about everything…..and then you get married and everything is reversed, except for keeping your negative opinions to yourself. I’m going to try that the next time.

      • Actually bobbo, now that you actually read the article, STFU is a very minor part of it. See, being silent is indeed always polite. But, the unspoken message is that the author also wants to meet people and make friends. Being silent will not do that. So, saying a few choice phrases and then shutting the fuck up AND ACTUALLY LISTENING may be the key. I wouldn’t know. This whole thing is very out of character for me.

  3. Nickster says:

    I wish people would touch each other more. I know a lot of people don’t like to be touched spontaneously, but here’s the thing – it doesn’t hurt. Really, someone touching you in a non-sexual way should not bother you. It’s just we’re so uptight about sex in this country, ANY touching is interpreted as deeply personal contact, but that’s purely a cultural thing.

    • ECA says:

      Nick, you are right and wrong..
      Touch is association with another. LETTING someone touch you means an agreement of a sort.
      Its AS IF, the other person is EQUAL to you..and is agreeing, but they are Not.
      Its a way of persuasion..
      the First problem is TRUTH..then we can go for familiarity..
      the Ability/right to say NO..must come first.
      REALITY must come first.

      I dont like it, as I have become a fatalist over the many years Iv lived. but after all the promises and Lies…Nothing has come of what was said in the past.
      Iv Warned my friends..DONT MAKE promises..SAY what you will do, and Do it. nothing more. but we havnt seen this in Gov. for years, and the Corps are worse..
      And listening to ANYONE make a promise is setting yourself up for failure. just be ready to do the job yourself.

    • Touching depends a lot on how well you already know the person. Do you really want a total stranger to walk up to you and in the first 3 minutes of conversation start caressing you? Or even brushing your hair with their hand? I don’t.

      I will say though that in my limited experience, there is a wide range of levels of touch that people expect and want. West coast friends of mine (two separate couples) are much more likely to be touchy-feely than most of my east coast friends.

      And, New Yorkers may take weeks before making first eye contact. Just kidding about that … mostly.

      • Yeah, a bit of groping from a random stranger on the tube is the only reason I arise from my pit.

      • Meaning you want to be groped?

        I heard a comedian, can’t remember his name, talking about being stuck in the subway in a really crowded car. He was saying that the guy next to him starts grinding. And he’s so board he starts grinding back. Funny routine. But, ick. I won’t be grinding with any total strangers, at least not within the first couple of hours of getting stuck.

  4. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    If you want to study being polite, then take a trip to Japan!
    Next point, what is coming over you? Are you losing it? Maybe one needs to learn to be polite if institutionalization is imminent! But otherwise tell it like it is: FRO!!!

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