Katie Goodman — Homophobic == Probably Gay

Sorry if it bothers anyone that I’m posting two Katie Goodman videos on the same day. I had never heard of her before, but heard her live last night.

She does a bit too much on mom & kids for my taste, being child-free myself. But, most of her audience is likely doing the parent thing. And, so is she. So, it makes sense.

Some of her songs are really priceless. Check out this one regarding homophobia. She even manages to cite an actual scientific study in the song. Then she gets into all of the anti-gay politicians who are actually gay, or at least bisexual.

Somehow she missed talking about anti-gay preachers, like meth and man ass Ted Haggard.

Anyway, here’s Katie’s website for more of her videos.


And, of course, you can just search youtube for still more.


One Response to Katie Goodman — Homophobic == Probably Gay

  1. Rick Santorum is probably gay …


    which makes perfect sense given the substance named for him.


    Keep spreading Santorum!! We can’t let this guy suckseed.

    Well … OK … he can suck seed all he wants … ’cause he’s probably gay. But, we can’t let him succeed in politics.

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