Self-Delusion: The Key To Happiness

Warning: This Dilbert comic may not be safe for your brain. If you already have suicidal tendencies, I would strongly recommend that you click away, far away and very quickly.

On the other hand, I had a coworker at the time this strip came out (2001) whose response was, “Cool!! Now I have a goal.”


4 Responses to Self-Delusion: The Key To Happiness

  1. ECA says:

    You cant handle truth. ITS REALLY scary that we have to Fool ourselves into believing there is a reason to LIVE..
    If you werent here, would your JOB suffer? nope..
    If you were never born, would your family suffer? not really..
    If you DIED tomorrow, the only ones affected would be those closest to you, maybe 5-10 people…but time would still pass..and the world would still go on without you..
    Even around the world…not counting FARMING..(in developed nations the workers have gone from 90% of the work force to LESS then 1%) how much of the world WORKS…less then 50%?? Less then 30%?? LOWER???
    HOW do the rest, get along in the world?
    IN undeveloped areas of the world(interesting declaration isnt it) WHAT is the main job?? the 1 JOB more people do?? FARMING and RANCHING…
    WHO are among the poorest and lowest paid workers around the world?? Farmers.. Anyone wonder what would happen WITHOUT THEM??

  2. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    If I had Mayor Ford’s email address, I would forward this cartoon to him, but it would be just more piling on this morning after the latest bomb shelling!

  3. eca says:

    Work should be easy for email..Private? that could take some doing..

  4. Mayor Ford? He’s not thinking of himself as an organic pain collector racing toward oblivion. Nor would he if he read this comic. He seems incapable of any thought at all.

    But, at least he has his all-you-can-eat-pussy-buffet.

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