Angry Atheists — Greta Christina Explains

Yes, the video is 48 minutes long. It’s worth it. I’ll wait for others to comment, if any bother to watch the whole thing, before adding my $0.02. Seriously, do watch it. It’s well worth the time. And, I don’t say that about a lot of 48 minute videos.

15 Responses to Angry Atheists — Greta Christina Explains

  1. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Good speech, humorous, warm, accurate, insightful.

    Clicking thru to YouTube, there was one link to the “Atheist Experience” I have been listening to. they took on the error of asking why atheists are angry with god: “We can’t be angry with god if we don’t think he exists.” Some two hour links over there.

    I think the Dawkins and Shermer debates step up the arguments a rung.

    While something religious up in your face is a legitimate cause for anger, the definition is: “a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.” For me, that implies it is more of a transient experience as the human psyche is not set up to have strong feelings about anything for very long.

    Thats probably a quibble as I agree with every example she gave. The one about atheists thinking we are but a speck in the Universe leading to the claim we are arrogant was a good one.

    Lot’s of good stuff on YouTube. Could go for a while if my cable goes out.

    • I would agree about not having strong feelings about anything for very long, but would modify it slightly. It is indeed possible to be angry or even enraged about a subject for many years provided that one of the following is true:

      1. You are angry continually rather than continuously. The difference being that continually actually means something that is recurring rather than 100% of the time. So, you’re taking breaks from that anger in between bouts of anger. This describes me, personally.

      2. You don’t care about your mental health or are not very mentally healthy. Continuous and uninterrupted anger and especially rage would be very very bad for one’s brain.

      bobbo – Just for your own enjoyment of the use of dictionaries, look up the differences between continuous, continual, and continuing. Even if you think you know what each means, the differences are subtle and amusing.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        WELL! I’m ANGRY right now that you think my continual use of the dictionary warrants your advice given your continuous failure to do so yourself. No doubt our different perceptions on our reliance on third party objective references will be continuing.

        Hmmmm…. how can we resolve whether or not a single or a few references to a dictionary renders any claim of non use as a continuous failure invalid? “Unbroken whole.” RATS. I withdraw my characterization….. and what do you know ….. anger subsides. I think your redundant phrasing of “continuous and uninterrupted threw me off! ((Ha, ha—I wonder if the word “interruption” stuck subconsciously from reading the definition?))

        Ain’t the dictionary GREAT?

      • Funny response bobbo. I was just thinking you might get some enjoyment from the subtle differences in words knowing that you do have fun with language. I wasn’t picking a fight over anything.

        I guess our misunderstandings of each other are both continual and continuing.

  2. ECA says:

    Aint watched it yet.but i have a friend that was always upset with COPS.. So I set down with him and suggested he THINK about the position of being a COP.. Then explained to him that ALL those films about COPS being shot…we always being shown to them.
    Films SHOWING cops making a mistake, or not ANTICIPATING what MAY/COULD/PROBABLY happen.. and the cop ends up being SHOT or killed.
    Then I asked my friend HOW the cop would feel about his own family, and then being PARANOID all the time.. About coming HOME… and how he will act..
    Then I asked my friend, HOW many SMART people would want a job, with this type of RISK and paranoia..NONE..
    So WHO do we hire?? the NOT so smart person.

    Then I asked my friend, now do you BLAME a COP for his basic reactions…and HOW they do things..

    IF’ there is a god or almighty being..(Bean??)
    I dont BLAME him..
    I dont THINK he did it, I dont pray to him(much), I dont WONDER what he did..I dont praise him.. I look for SUBSTANCE in what is happening. CAUSE and affect..
    My kid ran in the street…He got HIT by a car..he got HURT..
    I TOLD him not to..
    GOD didnt do this to him..
    GOD didnt make him an IDIOT..

    I look at religion, and think of the PAST, and what was happening 2000 years ago..then I think HOW MEN ACT, then and NOW..(not much different)
    I look at many religions, and many SAY the same things…but (the idiot) the bible says “IM RIGHT, the OTHERS ARE WRONG”…is not a good reasoning to myself..

    I WONt tell someone else they are WRONG…but I WILL, quote the ideals of other religions, and watch them Acknowledge these SAME ideals(they think) are in their OWN beliefs…then ask if they would like to become a Buddhist…

  3. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Well, ECA….. you are wrong. Plenty of reasons to be continuously upset with cops as they are the “face” of law enforcement. To be competent, they have to be rigorously selected, trained, and supported. Three legs of a stool, each one getting too little attention. The only thing justifying appreciation of cops is to consider the alternatives. btw–cops is about 5th or lower on the list of dangerous occupations and some large percentage of cops never draw their weapons…facts that rigorously trained and supported cops would know and gain a measure of job comfort that I agree too many don’t have.

    As to religious beliefs–I’d be SHOCKED and amused to find one such generally approved of religious belief that wasn’t shared by atheists. Religions get into trouble only by believing what atheists dont.

  4. I’ve gotta say I’m with bobbo on this one. Cops need to be rigorously trained to deal with all situations. It is their profession to protect people and to take that risk.

    That said, in any encounter with law enforcement, it pays to see it a bit from their side as well. I’ve never been the kind of person who can think on my feet and talk myself out of a ticket. Though, I can talk myself into one.

    But, I’ve read that it is important when being pulled over for minor offenses (or for nothing) to make sure that the cop does not feel threatened by you. One important thing you can do in that regard is to keep your hands visibly on the steering wheel as the cop walks over. Keep the cop relaxed.

    The only time I didn’t get the ticket was after reading that. I followed the instructions. Cops never know who they’re pulling over. Keep them relaxed.

    As for atheists and religious folks doing the same thing. Well, in mainstream society yes. But, when people read the books too literally, you get rape victims doused with gasoline and burned to death for adultery.

    Atheists don’t do that.

    Yes. Religions and religiose induhviduals get into trouble when they believe the written words of their religions. If that religion is any subsect of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion, things get ugly fast.

  5. Here’s an example of what is really wrong with religion. It is when people read the damn book. The unholy babble fills people with the most mind-numbingly stupid ideas ever.

    The source of these ideas are not secular. No secular source could ever dream up this sort of shit. This is religion, pure and simple, religion. I was about to say religion at its worst. But, as we know, religion has been even worse than this.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Religion certainly “acts” worse than this all the time, but it would be hard to present ideas more repugnant than this…. other than just outright slaughter of people. Maybe enslavement too.

      But really c’mon! THAT GUY can’t be a pastor. Surely, this is an Atheist speaking just trying to defame religion. It just gets too easy when you call yourself a Baptist to go all 17th Century.

      That whole link was filled with horrible stories. Other than our man Neil, the world really does have too many bad elements. Bible based thumping religion being only in the top/bottom ten.

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Link is to an example of why cops just can’t be trusted. Only a cop can get away with t-boning someone leaving his car with front end damage and the other car with side damage, the cop claims he was sitting still, and the other cops don’t look at the evidence and instead arrest the victim. ONLY cops can, and will, do that. Then later, still give the whole thing a pass as trying to “protect” the Department. Like turtles, this is shit all the way down.

    • Cerberus says:

      It’s a political move.

      If you’ll refresh your memories to Katrina, you’ll remember that the police were ordered to attack the black neighborhoods. This was to get rid of the opposition that made the state blue. And once they had achieved that stunt, the media was then organized to then attack the police too.

      That was to get rid of any opposition within government agencies to thusly change the state from blue to red.

  7. bobbo,

    Something is fishy about that story. I can’t figure out why, but I see it only on right-wing-nutjob sites and a yahoo blog site. It’s on Daily Mail, as you posted, which is Britain’s Fox equivalent, Fox, and even less reputable sites, like

    Can you find me a reputable site?

    I’m all for exposing examples of real police brutality and injustice and racial profiling and the rest. But, something is wrong with this not having been picked up by anyone more reputable.

    The closest thing to a reputable source was an ABC affiliate in Louisiana with the caption under their header “God Bless Louisiana”.

    Why is this a right wing propaganda story? Something is strange here.

    That said, I agree that cops cannot always be trusted. They’re just people. And, you know how I feel about people.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      It fits my prejudice so I didn’t peer review it. I could also have posted 2-3 stories of people being arrested for filming cops arresting other people. I don’t see how that is even possible with any court review at all, yet its the “law” in Jersey? or Illinois?? Totally corrupted power. I feel the same about the requirement that both parties must consent to being tape recorded. These laws/positions do nothing but protect the guilty in my book and that does include the police acting out of bounds. Without citizen review/filming, how can they be corrected???

      If one such case isn’t quite true, we can just wait a week and collect a dozen more???

      • I’m with you on most of that. Daily Mail just happens to trigger the same reaction in me that Faux Spews does. The hair on the back of my neck stands up and my brain starts screaming “don’t trust this; it’s almost certainly crap!”

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